Welcome to the Early Childhood Special Education Department 
          All children have have a need for quality educational programs, but some students have unique requirements that call for special intervention. In order to prepare all students for the world that we live in, the Jefferson City Public Schools offers special education programs. The programs are developed to assist children with disabilities and developmental delays. By implementing specially designed instructional techniques and creating effective means to address each child's needs, we believe that all children will have a greater opportunity to succeed.The Early Childhood Special Education program serves children ages 3-5 who meet the state and federal guidelines for developmental delay or disability that reside in the Jefferson City Public Schools attendance area.
     Who is eligible for the program? 
                Eligible students are determined through an evaluation process and must have an active individual education plan (IEP). In order to be determined eligible for special services children must show significant delay in one or more developmental areas including physical development, communication,cognitive and adaptive skills and social/emotional/ behavioral functioning.
                If a parent is concerned that his or her child is not developing as they should be, they may begin the process to determine if they are eligible for special education services. After a referral is received by the school district, the diagnostic team will determine if further evaluation is warranted and develop an evaluation plan. A parent must provide written consent for the evaluation and testing will be completed within 60 days of receipt of the parent's consent. When testing is complete the diagnostic team review results with the parents and determine eligibility for special education. If determined eligible, an individual education plan (IEP) will be developed to meet the students academic, social and developmental needs.