• getting ready to watch HAMILTON!! vacationing in Rincon, Puerto Rico spending the day at the WORLD FAMOUS FLAMENCO BEACH my sunshine - Madeline Renee Ben and I flying out to Culebra Island



  • Hello! My name is Erin LaFlamme. This is my sixth year teaching 4th grade and I am so excited to be a part of the Lawson Elementary 4th grade team.  It is going to be an engaging and exciting school year and I can’t wait to get started!

    When I am at home, I enjoy spending time with my husband Jeremey and our two kiddos.  Their names are Madeline and Benjamin, Madeline attends Capital City HIgh School and Benjamin attends Thomas JEfferson Middle School; they both were Lawson Lions during their elementary years.  Madeline loves to bake, read, paint, and draw...she also loves science and hopes to be in that career field when she gets older.  Benjamin is currently obssesed with anything to do with outer space or astronomy - he said he would like to go to Mars once a way back home is figured out, LOL! 
    I love animals and have a cat named Hobbes and two dogs. I have 1 small dog who is named Jack, short for Captain Jack Sparrow and 1 big dog named Henry.  They are constantly chasing each other and playing all over our house, their silliness always makes me laugh.  I'm a HUGE SyFy and Fantasy fan, I love all of it - especially Star Trek, Star Wars (yes, there is a difference!), and Harry Potter/Fanastic Beasts (to name just a few).  I also am obssessed with the musical HAMILTON.
    This school year is going to be busy and full of new and interesting things to learn.  Every student has magic inside them and its our job as teachers (and parents) to allow that magic to flourish and grow.  Let’s get started!!
Last Modified on August 19, 2019