Capital City Children’s Choir


    (Revised 7-25-11)


    Purpose of Organization:  The Capital City Children’s Choir was organized in order to:

    Ø  Provide students an opportunity to develop vocal skills in an optimum environment.

    Ø  Provide students an opportunity to perform and participate in aestethic experiences choral performances afford.

    Ø  Increase the diversity of children participating in such performance groups in our community.


    1)   Eligibility

    a)   Students in grades 4-6 and/or home school students of same age group.

    b)   All students accepting the invitation to enroll in the group will sign a contract agreeing to abide by the Capital City Children’s Choir guidelines and the following stipulations:

    i)   Students missing more than 3 of rehearsals and/or performances per season may be dropped from the roll. 

    ii)   Students arriving late will be considered tardy.  Students having more than 3 tardies per season may be dropped from the roll.

    iii)   Students demonstrating inappropriate and/or disruptive behavior will be dealt with in the following manner:

    (1) First offense--warning

    (2) Second offense—written warning and parent notification

    (3) Third offense—dismissal from the group.  (Enrollment fees will not be refunded.)


    2)   Directors/Accompanists

    a)   All directors and accompanists will serve on a volunteer basis.

    b)   All directors and accompanists will serve at the discretion of the executive board.

    c)   At least two directors/accompanists will be present at each rehearsal.


    3)   Rehearsal Schedule

    a)   The rehearsal schedule will be announced at or before auditions.

    b)   Rehearsals will be held at Simonsen Ninth Grade Center on most Thursdays at 7:00 p.m.  Some exceptions may be made.

    c)   Students should remain on the premises until picked up by parents.  Students should be picked up promptly at the front door.


    4)   Performance Schedule

    a)   Whenever possible, parents will have at least 2 weeks notification of performances added to the schedule (except in the event of emergency circumstances).

    b)   Performances will be scheduled based on the following criteria:

    i)   Aestethic benefit to students

    ii)   Availability of directors and singers

    iii)   Performance logistics



    5)   Performance Attire

    a)   Students will be required to furnish their own performance attire:

    i)   Performance attire—choir t-shirt and black slacks; shirts should be tucked in.

    ii)   A simple belt, plain black or brown only, may be worn.

    iii)   Closed-toe shoes should be worn at all concerts.


    6)   Music

    a)   The executive board will be responsible for the selection of repertoire.

    b)   The repertoire will include a variety of music, including but not limited to, the following:

    i)   Sacred music

    ii)   Secular music

    iii)   Foreign language text

    iv)   Folk Songs

    v)   Composed pieces

    vi)   Accompanied and a capella pieces

    vii)   Unison, 2-part, and 3-part music

    c) Students will not be permitted to take music home


    7)   Executive Board

    a)   The executive board will include all of the directors and accompanists.

    b)   The executive board will mutually make all decisions pertinent to the group and will assign duties as it sees fit.


    8)   Auditions

    a)   All students wishing to sing in the group will attend an audition.

    b)   All students will sing the same audition piece:  America (My Country ‘Tis of Thee) and perform a range of vocalizations.  Accompanists will be provided. 

    c)   All students accepted into the group must be able to match pitch.

    d) Directors and accompanists will serve as judges.

    e)   All judges’ scores will be added.  Students scoring the highest in the audition process will be accepted.

    f) A waiting list may be established in the event that a student is unable to fulfill the entire season’s commitment.

    g)   Directors reserve the right to reduce the size of the group depending on the number and qualifications of the auditioners.


    9)   Fees

    a)   Upon being accepted into the Capital City Children’s Choir, an enrollment fee of $ 20 will be due at the first rehearsal.  Enrollment fees will be used strictly for the purchase of music and necessary materials and supplies.

    b)   A limited number of scholarships will be established as funds allow.