• Pioneer Trail PTO Mission Statement

    It is the mission of the Pioneer Trail PTO to . . .

    Promote the well-being of children in home, school, and community.

     Improve the relationship between home and school, so that parents and teachers may work together to further the education of their children. 

     Foster a combined effort between educators and the community, which promotes the highest level of physical, mental and social education for all children.

    1.  Increase PTO membership by 10%.
    A.  Distribute “Help Wanted” fliers during Registration, Orientation, and in back pack mail.
    B.  Encourage parent involvement through the monthly newsletter.

    2.  Establish a positive PTO morale among PTO members, families, teachers, school administrators, and staff.
    A. Through the monthly newsletter, families and school staff will feel informed in regards to events in PTO.
    B. Schedule 2 fun school events for the school year, not including skate nights or carnival.
    C. Extend “Thank You’s” to people that help with PTO events in anyway, either through cards, emails, or the monthly newsletter.
    D.  Being respectful at all PTO meetings.


    3.  Facilitate 3 school fundraisers which will total a gross amount of $10,000.
    A.  Brainstorm fundraising options during the budgeting meeting held during the month of July.
    B.  All fundraisers approved by the PTO Board and scheduled by the end of July.

    4.  Help supply educational needs to students of Pioneer Trail, such as books, field trip assistance, etc.
    A. Successful fundraisers will aide in this process, once needs are identified and discussed.