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    All Team Endeavor teachers can be reached by phone between 2:10-2:45pm on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.
    Email is checked daily between 1:30 and 3:30p.m.
    We will respond as soon as we can. Thank you.
    PARENT PORTAL (Infinite Campus)
    We also post graded work on the parent portal.  
    This is where you can see if your child is turning in assignments on time and what they scored on each assignment. 
    Parent Portal also has the ability to email about upcoming assignments and tests.
    Check with the counseling office to sign up.
    Sign up for text messages or email messages that send out homework updates as well as other reminders.
    Text the message   @endeavorhw   to the number 81010.
    This will send a text or email every red day with the homework that was assigned in the full blocks for both the red and yellow day.  Check your schedule to see which day the homework was assigned to you. 
     ELA- English-Language Arts (Mrs. Maher)
     SS-Social Studies (Ms. Lewis)
     Sci-Science (Ms. Jones)  
     Math- Mathematics (Mrs. Duryea)

    Dear Team Endeavor Families, 


    We have had to cancel the field trip for Monday, May 13. Instead, we will have a field day at school for the students that are eligible.  The same expectations apply from before. 

    In order to attend, students must have:
    • All missing work complete (students who only have missing work will join the field day when the work is complete)
    • No failing grades in core classes (All retakes are complete)
    • No office/bus referrals from April 16 to May 13

    Students will need to wear Comfortable, school appropriate clothing that can get dirty, and tennis shoes ONLY.


    Students may also bring sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, athletic shoes, drinks (no glass), and outdoor stuff to play with.
    Students, please do not bring electronics, water toys, expensive toys, or cameras. We will not be responsible for lost, broken, or stolen items.


    Thank you for your support.  


    Team Endeavor Teachers


    Assigned to:



    Red 1/Red 2 on 4/30 and Yellow 1/Yellow 2 on 5/1

    LA- No HW

    SS-  No HW

    Math- Test Thursday for Red and Friday for Yellow; Do study guide and retake practices.  Retakes can be taken during advisory. Bring completed practice to Mrs. Duryea.

    Sci- No HW



    Red 1/Red 2 on 4/24 and Yellow 1/Yellow 2 on 4/25

    LA- No HW

    SS-  No HW

    Math- 11.3 Practice WS

    Sci- No HW


    Red 1/Red 2 on 4/22 and Yellow 1/Yellow 2 on 4/23

    LA- No HW

    SS-  Black Death Activity Sheets

    Math- 11.2 Practice WS

    Sci- Quiz Wed(R) and Thurs(Y)


    Red 1/Red 2 on 4/2 and Yellow 1/Yellow 2 on 4/3

    LA- Finish and redo or missing work

    SS-  No HW

    Math- Complete the Combining Like Terms Notes

    Sci- Seasons review



    Red 1/Red 2 on 3/21 and Yellow 1/Yellow 2 on 3/22

    LA- Combination Summarizing Practice

    SS-  No HW

    Math- 10.2 Retake Practice, Correct 10.2 Target Ticket as needed

    Sci- Study for your science quiz. It will be Friday.


    Red 1/Red 2 on 3/19 and Yellow 1/Yellow 2 on 3/20

    LA- Combination Summarizing Practice

    SS-  Study for test on Wed for R1R2 and Thur for Y1Y2

    Math- Algebraic Expressions Color it WS

    Sci- Rotation/Revolution WS



     1st Quarter HW

    2nd Quarter HW

     3rd Quarter HW

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