Taylor Warren - Math Assignments

  • Pre-Algebra:

    - Unit 1 Test will be Tuesday Sept. 18th (R1 & R3) and Wednesday Sept. 19th (Y3) 

    - Make sure to finish Unit 1 Study Guide

    - Talk to me if you would like to meet before or after school for additional help:)



    - Unit A Test will be Wednesday (Sept. 19th)!

    - Finish Study Guide & Take-Home Quiz for Monday

    - Talk to me if you would like extra help before or after school! You  got this:)



Trudy Lakes - Social Studies Assignments

    Study a minimum of 5-15 minutes every night! This is STRONGLY encouraged for a academic success and retention of information. 
    Welcome To Team Quest!!!     
    First Americans - Assessment 10/2 and 10/3
    Exploring the Americas Vocabulary
    Vocabulary quiz 10/11 and 10/12



Terrell Coney - Science Assignments



    • In Science, students work on their assignments in the classroom. They get ample of time to complete their tasks in-class; however, students who consistently do not put the efforts in finishing their work in the class get to have homework.



    • I offer tutoring sessions from 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm every day unless we have scheduled meetings. No appointment is necessary, but an email indicating your child will be attending is highly appreciated. Please ensure that your child is picked up by 4:00 pm.



Erin Zeilman - Language Arts Assignments

  • January 7-11

    Monday/Tuesday: We will be determining the author's reasoning in an argument by citing factual evidence. During the mini blocks we will begin constructing our intro paragraphs to our essays by creating hooks and a claim.

    Wednesday/Thursday: We will be determining the difference between relevant and irrelevant evidence in an argument. In the mini blocks we will begin constructing our 1st body paragraph for our essay.

    FRIDAY: We will be going over our argumentative menu choices for our enrichment. 

     Please read for 20 minutes every night:)

    "Today's readers are tomorrow's leaders!" 
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