• Mrs. Duryea


    Crystal Duryea 2016  


    The building opens at 8:20, students go to the cafeteria/gym.

    Students will be dismissed from gym and cafeteria to advisory.



    When can I get help with classwork?

    Each teacher offers before/after school assistance with classwork. Please contact the teacher if the student needs extra help. 

    Need math tutoring? 
    Paid tutoring, contact kbommel61@gmail.com

    Students may retake target tickets. 
    It shouldn't feel good to fail, but sometimes it happens. 
    When it does here are the steps you need to take :)
    1. Correct any mistakes on the practice and target ticket.
    2. Practice similar problems to the ones you missed until you are positive you will make 100%.
    3. See Mrs. Duryea to retake during math warm-up time, at lunch, or before or after school. 
    4. Ace the Retake! Move on to the next target!
Last Modified on August 20, 2019