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    TEAM READ is a voluntary reading program for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students at Lawson. We want to encourage and recognize students who read above and beyond their required classwork. TEAM READ exists to challenge our students to set and achieve higher reading goals.

    Every year since 1971 new Mark Twain Reader Award books are nominated. The books on this list are selected by Missouri students and librarians. TEAM READ students read the current and/or previous nominees from the Mark Twain Readers Award list.

    Students may read any copy of a Mark Twain Reader Award book. They can be checked out from our school library, the public library uptown, classroom teacher copy, or buy their own books.

    TEAM READ students strive for 3 award levels. JV Reader requires 4 of the current/previous nominees.  Varsity Reader level requires 8 current/previous Mark Twains. The top TEAM READ level is the Reading Hall of Fame. Students at this level read 12 current/previous Mark Twain nominees.

    TEAM READ students read one of these books and then take a Reading Counts quiz and score at least 7. Next, the student fills-out a TEAM READ slip of paper and turns it into the library. Students who reach JV, Varsity, and/or Hall of Fame have their name announced on the intercom during daily announcements and receive a small prize. Hall of Fame members attend an ice cream/ pizza party in May.

    An extra reward for being a part of TEAM READ is a special field trip the morning of Tuesday, Nov. 6 to hear author James Ponti, author of this year’s nominee Framed. Students who have reached the JV level with 4 books read and quizzed on will be invited to attend at no cost. More information including a permission slip will come sooner to the time.



    Mrs. McDonald

    Lawson Library Media Specialist




    Master Mark Twain Reader Award Nominees 1971-2018 Master List

Last Modified on September 10, 2018