What is Occupational and Physical Therapy in the schools?

    When occupational or physical therapists provide services within the context of a child's Individualized Education Program (IEP), they work in conjunction with the IEP team and draw upon their respective education and skills to help the child achieve his or her IEP goals that require these related services. The child's IEP goals are focused on the child's educational needs as described in the present level of academic achievement and functional performance and prioritized by the IEP team, and they are designed to help the child to be involved in the general curriculum as appropriate.

    It is this IEP team process and educational purpose that distinguishes school-based OT and PT from clinical or non-educational therapeutic services.
    Occupational and physical therapists, in collaboration with the educational staff working with the student, address the daily routines and activities of school life and extend their specialized knowledge to assist in solving many of the functional challenges that students encounter in school.
    Guidelines for Providing Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy in Missouri Public Schools: