Welcome to Mr. Hillis' B.A.S.E.

  • Scott Hillis

    • TJMS Special Services- Behavior  & Social Skills
    • Rm. 113
    • scott.hillis@jcschools.us



  • B.A.S.E. (Building Academic, Social, and Emotional Skills) 

    • 6th Grade B.A.S.E.- Knowing Myself From "Inside Out"
    • 7th Grade B.A.S.E.- Conflict Resolution, Assertiveness Training
    • 8th Grade B.A.S.E.- Advocating for Needs, leadership roles, positive adult interactions
    • HR-            8:20a- 8:46a-     Homeroom
    • 1st Hour-    8:50a- 9:42a-     Social Studies- B.A.S.E.
    • 2nd Hour-   9:46a- 10:38a-   B.A.S.E.
    • 3rd Hour-   10:42a- 11:34a-  B.A.S.E.
    • 4th Hour-   11:38p- 12:30p-    Math- B.A.S.E.
    • 5th Hour-   12:34p- 1:58p-    Reading/Writing  - B.A.S.E.
    • 6th Hour-   2:02p- 2:54p-      Plan Time, Science- B.A.S.E
    • 7th Hour-   2:58p- 3:50p-      B.A.S.E. 
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