Welcome to Coach Blatz's Physical Science Class!!

  • Welcome to Physical Science!

    This is an introductory course to high school level science where students will participate in classroom work, group projects, and labs! The goal of this course is not only to receive 1 of your 3 science credits, but to also potentially spark your interest in the realm of science!


Obi-Wan Physician
  • 1st Hour (8:40am - 9:31am): Physical Science 

    2nd Hour (9:36am - 10:27am): Physical Science

    3rd Hour (10:32am - 11:23am): Cav Time

    4th Hour (11:28am - 12:52pm): Plan Period

    5th Hour (12:57pm - 1:48pm): Physical Science

    6th Hour (1:53pm - 2:44pm): Physical Science

    7th Hour (2:49pm - 3:40pm): Physical Science

Last Modified on August 17, 2023