• School Safety

    Capital City High School has specific procedures in place to ensure the safety of all students and staff, and these procedures are reviewed regularly so that safety is maximized with the least possible inconvenience to students and their parents.


    In spite of what we sometimes hear in the news about school violence, the truth is that the overwhelming majority of schools nationwide are safe places for students to be. CCHS is no exception to that, with teachers and administrators dedicated to making sure the learning environment is safe and conducive to student learning. Student safety is always our first priority.


    The following precautions are taken to help preserve a safe learning environment:


    • A certified teacher or administrator is always assigned to areas to make sure students are properly supervised.
    • Regular emergency drills are conducted throughout the building as required by law. The results of the drills are documented and adjustments are made when necessary.
    • Students and staff are required to wear proper identification.
    • Visitors are required to sign in at the office. No one is admitted to the building without proper identification and without being authorized to be present by administration.
    • Parking lots are monitored and supervised regularly.
    • A school resource officer is stationed in the building full time. He not only helps supervise the building and maintain a safe environment, but builds relationships with students, working with them in groups and on an individual basis.
    • Student complaints or concerns about theft, bullying, threats, or potential conflicts can be reported to anyone on staff. Such matters are investigated by teachers, administration, or the school resource officer.
    • The school has a camera system so that student activity can be monitored from the administrative offices.