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Family and Consumer Science
  • Block         Class                     Time (Room Number)

    1             Interior Design       8:40 AM - 9:31 AM (103)
    2              Plan Period            9:36 AM - 10:27 AM (103)
    3               Cav Time               10:32 AM - 11:23 AM (103)
    4                Foods 1                 11:28 AM - 12:52 PM (104)
    5                Foods 1                 12:57 PM - 1:48 PM (104)
    6                Foods 1                 1:53 PM - 2:44 PM (104)
    7                Foods 1                 2:49PM - 3:40 PM (104)

  • Welcome to Mr.VanLeuven's homepage!

    I will be teaching Foods 1, Foods 2, World Foods, and Interior Design. In the coming semester I hope to teach life skills that you can carry with you throughout the rest of your life.

    Foods 1 - We will learn the basics of what it means to cook and how to opereate efficently and fluently in a kitchen.

    Foods 2 - We will dive deeper and apply the skills we have learned previously in foods one. We will focus on making more dishes with your own creative additions added to them. 

    World Foods - We will focus on the different types of cuisine made around the world, with a goal of diversifing our food palets and maybe finding something new we like to eat.

    Interior Design - We will focus on the placement and cordination of items in your living space to be both comfortable as well as efficient.

    My hopes for these classes is that once you graduate and are trying to decide how to design your dorm room or what to cook for dinner, that you can think back to that one day in class when Mr.VanLeuven showed me how to do this or a good way to come to a conclusion on what to cook. 

Last Modified on July 28, 2023