Principles of Engineering

    POE is the second class in Project Lead the Way’s Engineering track. Our units will consist of Energy and Power, Materials and Structure, Control Systems (Robotics), and Statistics and Kinematics. We work hands-on majority of the time with VEX equipment. Over the summer, I attended a 2-week class over POE and created a Pop-A-Shot game (see above) with the VEX equipment, among other things!

    Intro to Engineering Design

    IED is usually the first class in Project Lead the Way’s Engineering Track. This class focuses on the basics of engineering from measurements to the design process as a whole. Students will generate ideas, collaborate with their peers, and create solutions to a given problem. Students will also be given the opportunity to propose product innovations for many everyday items. Students will also use computer programs to 3D-print items, parts, etc. as well as construct their own automatas!

Last Modified on August 22, 2019