• Health:
    (9 Weeks) 
    Introduction to Health
       - Your Health and Wellness
       - Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle
       - Your Behavior and Reducing Health Risks
    Food and Nutrition
       - Nutrition and Your Health
       - Managing Weight and Body Composition
    Drugs and Alcohol
       - Baseline Training (Council of Drug Free Youth)
       - Classroom Discussion with School Resource Officer (SRO)
    Physical Fitness, First Aid, Body Systems
       - Physical Activity for Life
       - Cardiovascular System and Respiratory System
       - Muscular System 
       - First Aid and Emergencies
    Human Development
       - Adolescence and the Life Cycle
       - Endocrine and Reproductive Systems
       - Prenatal Development of Birth
       - Peer Relationships
       - Violence Prevention
       - Sexually Transmitted Infections 
    Materials: writing utensil (pencil, pen) and paper 

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