Physical Science

  • Course Description:  Physical Science emphasizes the science behind real-world applications of motion, forces, energy, measurement, the scientific process, atoms and the periodic table, compounds, chemical reactions, and nuclear science. Hands-on explorations using math and technology are incorporated to gain a well-rounded knowledge of physics and chemistry concepts. Students will accumulate data, construct graphs and develop mathematical models to describe the physical world. Lab activities are designed to develop skills in experimental design and data analysis. Students will use an experimental design to solve the problems discussed in class. 


    Course Goal: The Physical Science curriculum is designed to continue the investigation of the physical sciences begun in earlier grades. The Physical Science course will build a rich knowledge base to provide a foundation for the continued study of science. The investigations should be approached in a qualitative and quantitative manner in keeping with the developing mathematical skills of the students


    Text: Physical Science with Earth Science Glencoe 


    Course Policies:



    • Absences:


        1. If you are absent due to a school function (extracurricular activities, field trips, etc.), you are expected to get your assignments “PRIOR” to your leave and complete them by the due date. It will be your responsibility to come in for any additional help as needed before/after school to get the work done on time.
        2. If you have an excused absence, (not due to a school function), you are expected to see me before or after school on the day you return to pick up all make-up work.  Do not expect assignments to be given to you during valuable class time.  Students must have make-up work completed by the time they take their unit test on those objectives.  No make-up work will be accepted after that.
        3. All makeup tests will be given during CAV time or may be made up before or after school by appointment. 


    • Homework Policy: Students will be given homework assignments to practice their skills on a daily basis. These assignments are crucial for students to expand their understanding, and will give both teacher and student an opportunity to check comprehension of the material before moving on. Homework assignments will be discussed and checked the next day in class, giving students the opportunity to ask questions to further increase their understanding. Homework assignment may be fixed and redone up until the unit test for better score and understanding. If you wish to do this, you must notify the teacher either in person or via email. 

    • Academic Dishonesty: Integrity is an essential component of character.  Plagiarism or cheating on tests or homework will result in:


      1. A zero grade for the entire test or assignment with referral to administration for implementation of district academic dishonesty policies.
      2. Parental notification if caught cheating on a test or assignment – realize that academic dishonesty is grounds for expulsion at the collegiate level.


    • Laboratory Work:


        1. All students are expected to participate in lab activities.  If a student is absent or does not complete work in class,  he/she  must come in  before or after school to complete the assignment. If lab work is done in pairs or small groups, each individual is expected to turn in his/her own work unless told otherwise.
        2. Behavior: Students will respect the rights of others in the classroom, and the school’s equipment and facilities. For safety reasons, a student who behaves inappropriately during labs will not be allowed to finish the lab.  If horseplay is involved, the student will be sent to the office.


    • Technology: Technology is a valuable tool to be used for research, application of science and communication.  Google Classroom is the platform used daily to communicate with students.  Daily practice, notes, rubrics, schedules, and video links or web-based practices will be posted to announcements everyday of the course.  Please use this valuable tool to assist you with make-up work for absences as well.  Misuse of technology will result in surrender of the iPad for the period, parent communication and administrative referral.  Personal technology devices such as phones should be kept stored in bags or on your person and not cause distraction.  Students might be asked to use their personal technology as choice for some labs or activities. Misuse of personal technology will result in a referral to the office.

    • Grading/Assessments:


      1. If you miss the day before the test, you will be expected to take the test on the scheduled test date. In most cases, you will be given a week of notice prior to the scheduled test date.
      2. Students will be allowed to retake a unit test if they receive less than an 80% on that test.  The student must meet two criteria to be eligible for a retake: 
        1. the student must have all assignments for that unit turned in by the test date 
        2. the student must come in to go over their previous test prior to taking the retake.  This privilege is used at the teacher’s discretion.  


    Tests/Quizzes 60% 

    Homework/Labs/Classwork 30%

    Final Exam 10%


    • Communication Statement: Communication between teacher, student, and parents is essential for successful completion of this course.  Progress reports will be printed during each unit for student review as well as mailed home by the district for midterms.  Infinite Campus is updated weekly and messages for missing work and unsatisfactory grades are generated and delivered via email to both parents and students.  Please feel free to contact me by email anytime or by phone before or after school.

    Google Classoom Codes:

    5th Hour- iigyd7j

    7th Hour- kju3xxc

    Please refer to daily announcements for practice, notes, classwork and homework.



                    If students do bring cell phones and/or other electronic devices to school, they will need to be turned off during class periods and stored in their backpacks or assigned lockers. Cell phone usage is only permitted during passing times and lunch periods. These privileges may be revoked by the administration when deemed necessary. Headphones or earbuds will need to be stored securely and should not be worn during class time unless the teacher has approved an activity that requires listening on chrome books or school provided media. A student using these items without permission is subject to disciplinary consequences.  Refer to the Prohibited Conduct; Technology Misconduct; ‘a’ in Section VI of this planner for consequence details.



Last Modified on August 14, 2020