Body Conditioning/Athletic Advanced Strength Training/Physical Education


     To:     Students and Parents

     From:    Coach Gschwender
     Subject: Body Conditioning/Advance Strength Training/ Physical Education
     Uniform and Equipment: Body Conditioning requires clothing that is appropriate for the level of activity in class.
    Needed Items will include:
         -Gym clothing (t-shirt, gym shorts, wind pants)
          -Athletic shoes
          -No sagging shorts, no cut-off or pants with zippers
          -No jewelry
    Additional Requirements:
          -Gym clothing may not be loaned or barrowed
          -Gym clothing must be in compliance with the student handbook
          -Students are responsible for keeping their gym clothing clean
    Excuses:  To be excused from one or more class periods, a physician’s statement must be presented.
     -The physician’s instructions must state as to the amount of activity that is permitted and the duration of limitation.
     -The physician’s instructions must also state the date in which the student can resume activity.

    Any prolonged or frequent excused limitations will require the student to request make-up work so their grades will not be adversely affected. The ONLY excuse that is accepted is a note from the doctor. YOU MUST STILL DRESS OUT EVEN IF YOU HAVE A NOTE.

      Additional Requirements
          -Students are to report any injury to the instructor immediately when the injury occurs.
         -Students will also need to report to the instructor any physical problems that he/she may have prior to the class.
      Locker Room and Locks:
            Students will be assigned to a locker. They must use only their assigned locker and not share any materials with another student. A combination lock will be assigned to each student. It is their responsibility to keep their lockers locked at ALL times.
     Classroom Procedures:

                Students must be in the locker room when the tardy bell rings. Students will have 5 minutes to change into their gym clothes, go to the gym and sit in their assigned squad (seat). Do not touch any of the PE or Weight equipment until instructed to do so. We will then perform a series of warm-ups and stretches. We will then perform the activity of the day.   In the last 10 min of class, the instructor will dismiss the students back to the locker room to change into their regular school clothes. Students will then stay in the locker room until the bell rings.



    Students will be graded on the following:

       -Appropriate dress
      Grades are based on:
          Participation 80%
          Written/Skill Test 10%
          Final Exam 10%
     Point Breakdown
          -Daily Points                                                    10 points per day
          -No-dress                                                        minus 30 points each no dress
           -Unexcused absence                                      minus 10 points
       (poor attitude, no effort, refusal to participate) minus10 points
     If you have an unexcused absence or are assigned ISS you will be required to write a one-page report on any sports to redeem the 10 points

     Units: The units will depend on what class 

     Physical fitness testing
     Weight Training
     Various Cardiovascular activities
     Flag Football
     Table Tennis
     Boater Safety 

      Health syllabus

    CURRICULUM: It is the goal of the health classes to make every student health literate. This includes the capacity of the student to obtain, interpret, and understand basic health information and the competence to use such information in ways that are health-enhancing. 


    MATERIALS: EVERY DAY!!!!! Chromebooks, and writing materials (pen, pencil, and paper.)


    MAKE-UP WORK: If you are absent, it is important that you catch up with your work the day you are back to school. Do not expect me to keep up with your missed work. It will be your responsibility to see me about your make-up work.


    TARDIES: The class begins when the bell rings. It is important that you are in your seat and ready for class. I will keep track of tardiness and follow procedures regarding excessive tardiness. (3rd hour this applies after lunch also.) If you come in prepared for class you will have to take a tardy to go to your locker. 


           1. Mutual respect makes a good character

           2. All school rules apply 


    These are the units that will be covered in health class this term. The time schedule is only an approximation of how long it might take to cover each unit due to assemblies, early out days, and other interruptions that occur during the term.

    Introduction to health                                                   1 week

    1. Your Health and Wellness
    2. Promoting a Health Lifestyle
    3. Your Behavior and Reducing Health Risks

     Food and Nutrition                                                            2 weeks

    A.   Nutrition and Your Health

    B.    Managing Weight and Body Composition 


     Drugs and Alcohol                                                         1 week


     Physical Fitness, First Aid and Mental Emotional Health 2 week

    1. Physical Activity for Life
    2. Cardiovascular System and Respiratory System
    3. First Aid and Emergencies
    4. Achieving Good Mental Health
    5. Managing Stress and Anxiety                                                                                                                                                                                                             http://www.glencoe.com/sec/health/cgi-bin/splitwindow.cgi?top=top.html&link=http://www.fitness.gov/activelife/activelife.html

     Human Sexuality                                                         2 Weeks

    A.     Adolescence and the Life Cycle

    B.     Prenatal Development of Birth

           C.   Reproductive system
            D.    Peer Relationships

    E.     Violence Prevention

    F.     Sexuality Transmitted Infections

    Contact Information: scott.gschwender@jcschools.us
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