The Jefferson City School District string instrument program offers students the opportunity to develop physical performance techniques (psychomotor domain), the cognitive domain (a blending of reading, mathematical relationships, and critical thinking skills), the affective domain (gaining new perceptions – responsibility, dependability, respect, emotional awareness), and the interpersonal domain (interacting with others) through the medium of the string orchestra. Every year it is exciting for us to see our students grow in all these ways! We really enjoy what we do!


    The high school orchestras will develop advanced technical and interpretive skills, playing music with a variety of key signatures, unusual meters, complex rhythms, and subtle dynamics through advanced music literature selected from a variety of musical periods.

    The Jefferson City Orchestra Program is a continual, yearly skill building curriculum. Students must earn a passing grade of D- or higher each year of orchestra to be prepared for and to be allowed to continue onto each new level of orchestra. New students will be accepted into the program per director’s approval.  

Last Modified on October 28, 2019