• The following letter was sent home with students regarding MAP testing recently.

    Dear Parent/Guardians,

    Hello! MAP testing is coming up very quickly here at TJMS. The first day of MAP testing for your student will be Wednesday, May 1st. They will also test on May 2nd, 8th, & 9th.  We wanted to send an encouraging message to parents and kids with helpful tips and information regarding MAP testing to help your child feel prepared and relaxed for the MAP test.  

    The first piece of information we would like to share is regarding technology, specifically that which connects to the internet. While the students are testing, they will be required to put phones, smart watches, and any other technology in their lockers. If your child has their phone/technology in the testing room, it will be confiscated.  Procedure requires that a referral is written, administration is informed, and then the appropriate administrator will inform the parent/guardian. At that point, the parent/guardian will need to come in to comb through the student’s device to make sure there are no MAP violations.

    We also want to encourage students to get a good night sleep the evenings before the test so they are alert and ready to test. Research shows that eating a good breakfast is helpful when placed under stressful conditions.

    We ask that your child arrives to school on time ready to test, as the test begins promptly at 8:00 a.m. each morning. If the student is late getting to school, they will not be testing with their regular population, and it will result in more class time missed in order to make up the testing. It is imperative that students arrive on time.

    There are some sessions of the MAP test that require headphones. We have headphones here at school, but we encourage students to bring their own if that makes them more comfortable. Headphones must be wired headphone, no wireless or bluetooth technology is permitted.  

    Students will be encouraged to take breaks throughout their testing. They can pause, stand and stretch, use the restroom, and generally work at their own pace throughout the testing sessions. We are confident that our students are capable of greatness, and we want to develop an environment that supports their comfort, allowing them to maximize their success on the MAP test.  We recognize that students are more than a test score. We adore your students; this is a fantastic group of young people. We know that with the best possible home and school support, our students will be able to produce work that accurately reflects their true ability.

    Here’s to a successful MAP testing season!

    Susanna Baker - Social Studies
    Taylour Beamer - English Language Arts
    Amber Johnson - Science
    Jenni Roling - Mathematics
    Carrie Brauner - Special Services

Taylour Beamer - English Language Arts Assignments



    May 6-10th

    Students will be working on writing different types of poems. Students will also be answering comprehension questions for our new read a loud, Mr. Tucket.




Amber Johnson - Science Assignments

  • Week of April 1

    Revolution vs Rotation

    • International Space Station Video
    • Practice rotation and revolution (use body)
    • Wrap around lamp - rotate to determine day/night
    • Chapter 20, Lesson 1 (worksheet)
    • Rotation vs Revolution poster

    Daylight/Seasons (tilt, location)

    • BrainPOP - Seasons & Chronopticon 
    • Seasons simulation "game"
    • Celestial cycles notes
    • Celestial cycles sort
    • Task #1 - Create a list of characteristics that make Earth Habitable

    Week of April 8

    Phases of the Moon

    • Read aloud
    • Moon phase simulation
    • flocabulary.com - moon phases
    • moon phase oreos
    • moon phase demonstration
    • notes 

    Week of April 15

    Solar & Lunar Eclipses

    • Chapter 20, Lesson 3 (worksheet)
    • Brainpop - Eclipses
    • Eclipses Notes and Foldable
    • One Strange Rock - Episode 3
    • Letter to Family Member (Task #2)


    Week of April 22

    What keeps the planets in motion

    • Studyjams - Gracity and Inertia
    • Chpt 21 Launch Lab
    • Brainpop - Gravity
    • Chapter 21, Lesson 1 (worksheet)
    • One Strange Rock - Episode 4
    • Phet Lab - Gravity and Inertia (group)


    Week of April 29

    Earth's ability to support life

    • Lab - Calculate weight and jumping distance on other planets
    • Astronomy Quiz
    • Create List of Human needs to survive
    • Flocabulary - Planets
    • Chapter 21, Lesson 2-3 (worksheet)


    Week of May 6

    Scale of size, distance, and movement between objects in our universe

    • create scale model of solar system
    • If the moon were only 1 pixel
    • Create ad to live on another planet
    • Claim, evidence, reasoning poster
    • flocabulary - space travel

     FINAL IS MAY 10th!


    Week of May 13

    Build habitat to sustain life on another planet



    Week of May 20

    Make-up/finish habitat project 





Jenni Roling - Math Assignments

  • Wednesday, May 22nd



    Tuesday, May 21st

    9-11 Field Trip

    11- 1:20 Homeroom (movie)


    Monday, May 20th

    All Classes - finished tesselations

Susanna Baker - Social Studies Assignments

  • Wed, May 22 - Team Day!  Last Day of the School Year!!!


    Tue, May 21 - Skating Field Trip!!


    Mon, May 20 - skinny schedule 

    Social Studies - last day to turn in class work; students collected and take home art projects from the year


    Thurs, May 16 - skinny schedule

    Social Studies - finishing & turning: Percy Jackson compare & contrast, Compare 2 Greek Documents; students missing any other Social Studies work were given the opportunity to complete & turn in that work, as well.


    Weds, May 15 - skinny schedule

    Social Studies - work on finishing Hercules River Flow Chart - will be finishing & turning: Percy Jackson compare & contrast, Mankind 2, Compare 2 Greek Documents


    Tues, May 14 - skinny schedule

    Social Studies - finish & turn in Main Idea Fish (Perseus & Medusa); Daily Reading Log; work on finishing Hercules River Flow Chart - will be finishing & turning in tomorrow, as well (Percy Jackson compare & contrast, Mankind 2, Compare 2 Greek Documents


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