Taylour Beamer - Assignments

  • January 3rd, 2019

    • Students completed pre test on main idea 
    • Students charted data from I Ready Diagnostic test 1 and 2 
    • Students created a goal in language arts for the rest of the school year 

Amber Johnson - Assignments


    January 3/4

     Layers of the Atmosphere

    Week of January 7

     Layers of the Atmosphere (cont)

    • close reading
    • notes / foldable
    • superhero atmosphere project

    Week of January 14

    The composition of the Atmosphere

    • Virtual Lab (air pressure and temperature) 
    • Chapter 12, Lesson 1 (reading and worksheet together)
    • NASA - Climate Kids activity  

    Week of January 21

     Heat Transfer (conduction, radiation, and convection)

    Week of January 28


    Week of January 31





Jenni Roling - Assignments


    Thursday, January 17th

    Block & Skinny - Finish stations 


    Tuesday, January 15th & Wednesday, January 16th

    Block - Dividing decimal practice page -- homework if didn't finish in class. Started stations to review for the test on the 23rd over  DECIMALS OPERATIONS.

    Skinny - Close Reading Practice

Susanna Baker - Assignments

  • Thurs, Jan 17

    Social Studies block - Friendly inter-team Geography Bee; warm up; Paleo v Neo

    Social Studies skinny - Friendly inter-team Geography Bee


    Tues, Jan 15 & Wed, Jan 16

    Social Studies block - warm up; Geography Bee; Media Center

    Social Studies skinny - jumpstart; Geography Bee


    Fri, Jan 11 - 3 hour early release due to inclement weather

    Social Studies block - warm up; Geography Bee


    Wed, Jan 9 & Thur, Jan 10

    Social Studies block - warm up; finish Mankind video & turn in assignment; start Geography Bee

    Social Studies skinny - jumpstart; finish & grade 1-1


    Mon, Jan 7 & Tue, Jan 8

    Social Studies block - warm up (textbook assignment); finish Mankind video if time

    Social Studies skinny - jumpstart; timeline


    Fri, Jan 4

    Social Studies block - warm up; Mankind: Inventors


    Thurs, Jan 3

    Social Studies - warm up (review culture categories & examples from student breaks); Mankind: Inventors

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