Taylour Beamer - English Language Arts/Reading Assignments

  • Week of March 9th-13th

    Students will continue on working on idenitfying the main idea, determining meaning of unknown words and writing a summary for a nonfiction text. They will work on a study guide for the Unit 3 Final on Thursday. The Unit 3 Final will be on Tuesday, March 17th.

Amber Johnson - Science Assignments

Jason Reimund - English Language Arts/Writing Assignments

  • Writing - 

    April 3rd:

    Feature Articles are due Friday, April 3rd. 

    March 30th through April 3rd:

    Now is the best part of the article project! We will add photos and illustrations and graphics to our articles. We will include captions and sidebars and begin organizing and formatting the final project into a finished article. 

    March 21st through 29th

    Spring Break! Enjoy!

    March 16th through 20th:

    This is the last week before spring break. We will finish our second drafts. By the end of the week, they will be typed in a Google doc, and all necessary edits and revisions will be finalized. The finishing touches will be added after returning from spring break. This week we will discuss grammar and citing sources. 

    March 9th through 13th:


    This week we draft our three sections of the article, as well as a conclusion. After drafts are completed, we will start typing our second draft and begin the editing and revision process. All research for this project should now be complete. 

    March 2nd through 6th: 


    This week we really began to organize and develop our feature articles. First, we will start with an outline to determine how our articles will be structured. Then we will develop engaging leads to interest our readers, and we will draft our introductions. 

    February 24th through February 28th:

    We will end the month of February focusing on selecting possible topics and narrowing them down to a manageable angle to write about. We will then begin researching these topics for our outlines and drafts. 

    February 18 through February 21st:

    This week we have been brainstorming ideas for potential topics to write about for the upcoming feature article drafts. All work this week has consisted of in class activities and discussions, as well as journal writing. No graded assignments were given this week, other than the daily independent writing assessments. 

    February 10th through 14th:

    This week we continued to review mentor texts as well as brainstorming potential topics for the feature article we will soon begin drafting and researching. A text feature quiz was given on the 11th, and on the 13th, I asked students to pose a possible research question in correlation with an article we began reading about the moon landing. 

    February 3rd through 7th:

    This week we have looked at a variety of "mentor texts" to find examples of published feature articles. On February 3rd, a Flocabulary feature over text structures was assigned. On the 7th, we differentiated between main ideas in text and interesting details. A worksheet was assigned to supplement this lesson. 

    January 29th:

    We will begin our new unit over feature article writing with a pre-unit writing prompt. 

    January 27th and 28th:

    Class presentations: Students will orally present their argumentative essays to the class. Memorization is not expected; students will only need to read their essays aloud. 

    January 24th:

    Post Unit Prompt: Students will be given the end of unit writing prompt. 

    January 23rd:

    SchoolNet End of Unit Assessment

    January 22nd:

    Students will add any final revisions to their essays and practice reading them with partners. 

    January 21st:

    Last day to work on the argumentative essays in class. If students do not finish their essay today, they must complete it as homework. The final draft of the essay will be due on Monday, January 27th in Google Classroom. 

    January 13 through 17:

    Students have been writing their argumentative essays in smaller pieces, one paragraph at a time, since returning from the holiday break. They have been working the introduction paragraph, then moving on to a paragraph for the counterargument. From there, they then construct 2 or 3 body paragraphs in support of their argumentative claim or thesis statement. Finally, they will work to draft the conclusion paragraph. Each of these has been discussed in class, and we have taken this in small steps so that the process does not become overwhelming. 


Jenni Roling - Math Assignments

  • Friday, March 13th

    Read In Day -- no class.

    Thursday, March 12th

    Equations Target Ticket

    Wednesday, March 11th- EARLY RELEASE - Short Classes

    Finished Stations - Target Ticket moved to Thursday 3/12.

    Tuesday, March 10th-TARGET TICKET over EQUATIONS WEDNESDAY 3/11

    Practice more with Add/Subtract/Multiply/Divide Equations

    Monday, March 9th- TARGET TICKET over EQUATIONS WEDNESDAY 3/11

    Kahoot on Add/Subtract/Multiply/Divide Equations 


    Friday, March 6th 

    Start Equations Unit - Notes over Add/Subtract/Multiply/Divide Equations.


    Fixed mistakes on test for half credit.

    Wednesday, March 4th

    Finished Expressions Unit Test.

    Tuesday, March 3rd

    Started Expressions Unit Test.

    Monday, March 2nd - Expressions Unit Test - TOMORROW 3/3 & WEDNESDAY 3/4

    Went over answers to study guide. Study guide sent home.

    Friday, Feb 28th 

    Combining like terms Target Ticket

    Thursday, Feb 27th - Combining Like Terms Target Ticket 2/28

    Combining like terms stations

    Wednesday, Feb 26th - Combining Like Terms Target Ticket 2/28

    Combining like terms & evaluate expression review.

    Tuesday, Feb. 25th

    Distributive Property Practice

    Monday, Feb 24th - Combining Like Terms Target Ticket 2/28

    Practice - Distributive Property

    Friday, Feb 21st

    Notes and practice 10.3 - Number Properties

    Thursday, Feb 20th

    Writing Expression Practice 

    Wednesday, Feb 19th

    Finish notes & practice.

    Tuesday, Feb 18th

    Fixed mistakes on Target Ticket. Started notes on 10.1 - Identify Parts of An Epression & Writing Expressions

    Monday, Feb 17th


    Friday, Feb 14th 

    Evaluating Expression Target Ticket

    Thursday, Feb. 13th- Evaluating Expression Target Ticket on Friday 2/14.

    Evauating Expression practice.

    Wednesday, Feb 12th - EARLY RELEASE

    NO CLASS. Recess & Read-In Day

    Tuesday, Feb 11th

    Evaluating Expression Notes & Practice

    Monday, Feb 10th

    Order of Operations Target Ticket

    Friday, Feb 6th - Order of Operations Target Ticket - Monday Feb. 10th

    Order of Opeartions - practice

    Thursday, Feb 5th - LATE START - SHORT CLASSES

    Order of Operations - pracitce

    Wednesday, Feb 4th 


    Tuesday, Feb 3rd - Collect Exponent Homework

    Order of Operations - notes & practice

    Monday, Feb 2nd

    Exponent - notes, practice, homework sent home



    Multiply decimals target ticket. 

- Social Studies Assignments

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