Taylour Beamer - English Language Arts/Reading Assignments

  • Week of September 9- 13

    During this week, students will complete their I Ready Diagnostic test as well as continue participating in the reading workshop. This week we will be focusing on the plot and characters in a story. 

    Week of September 3- 6

    Students will actively participate in the reading workshop model using different text. Everyday students will independent read and apply the learning target of that day to their book. Reading conferences will be taken place during independent reading time with the teacher.

Amber Johnson - Science Assignments

  • Week of August 27th

    •  Team Building & Getting to know you activities 

    Week of September 3rd

    • Syllabus
    • Expectations
    • Set up notebook
    • Laboratory Safety **Contract needs to be signed and returned**
    • SLO test (pre-test - not for a grade)

    Week of September 9th

    • Finish setting up notebooks 
    • Laboratory Safety - Review
    • Laboratory Safety Test (Tuesday)
    • Flocabulary - What is Science
    • Independent/Dependent Variables
    • Identifying Constants
    • Quantitative/Qualitative Observations
    • Writing a Hypothesis

    Week of September 16th


    Week of September 23rd


    **Mid-term ends September 25th**


    Week of September 30th


    Week of October 7th


    Week of October 14th


    Week of October 21st



    **1st Quarter Ends October 25th**

Jason Reimund - English Language Arts/Writing Assignments

  • Writing - 

    Friday, Sep. 13th: 

    Students will be completing a notetaking chart in class and independently. The "Painting Pictures with Words" chart will help the students identify figurative language found in the mentor texts. 

    Week of September 9th through 13th: 

    In addition to interactive reading sessions in class, we have begun writing in our journals. I have given the students writing prompts to use in generating ideas for writing; however, I am somewhat lenient on the journal content. It is important we get into the habit of writing.  

    Thu, Sep. 5: 

    Students were given five vocabulary words. By Monday, September 9th, they are expected to find the definitions for each of the words, as well as at least one synonym and one antonym. 

    In their journals, students started brainstorming lists. Tomorrow we will personalize our journals. 

    Wed, Sep. 4:

    Students were given a questionaire, "My Writing Interview." The questionaire had seven questions related to writing. On the back, students were asked to draw a T-chart listing three books (the mentor books from class were recommended, as we have already discussed these) and authors on one side, and listing the reasons the authors had written them on the other side. 

    * Students have been given the opportunity to redo or add to the "My Writing Interview" assignment if they choose to do so. I have gone over the assignment with class, and offered to go over it individually with any student who needs additional clarification. 

    Wed, Aug. 28: 

    Writing - Introductions and expectations; writing prompt, Tell me something about yourself, and tell me at least one song or musical artist you really like (make sure it's school appropriate!). Please bring a composition notebook to be left in the classroom for writing. Also, by next week, try to bring in some stickers, magazine clippings, etc., to use to decorate the notebooks and turn them into personalized writing journals. 

    "Letter to Future Self" - students were asked to draft a letter to their 8th grade selves. 



Jenni Roling - Math Assignments

  • Friday, September 13th

    Students finish iReady & 16.1 Practice.Target Ticket (quiz) - 16.1 Mean, Median, Mode & Range MONDAY, Sept. 16th

    Thursday, September 12th

    Students continued/finished the iReady Math test. CHANGE!! - Target Ticket (quiz) - 16.1 Mean, Median, Mode & Range MONDAY, Sept. 16th 

    Wednesday, September 11th

    Students started the iReady Math test. There will be a Target Ticket (quiz) on 16.1, Friday, Sept. 13th.

    Tuesday , September 10th

    Students finished 16.1  Notes & practice. Practice page - Mario's Dilemma -- if they didn't finish in class it is homework - DUE TOMORROW!  There will be a Target Ticket (quiz) on 16.1, Friday, Sept. 13th.

    Monday, September 9th

    Students learned about 21st Century Skills and we started 16.1 Notes - I can find mean, median, mode, and range of a set of data. There will be a Target Ticket (quiz) on 16.1, Friday, Sept. 13th.

    Friday, September 6th

    Students are taking a pretest called the SLO. This is a pretest over dividing fractions. After they are finished with the SLO we will work on getting logged into Google Classroom & other sites we will use in math.

    Thursday, September 5th

    Finished expectations, students filled out a "Math About Me" paper, handed out Go Math textbook. Students need to bring notebook & bradded folder for math class. 

    Wednesday, September 4th

    Went over expectations and team builder. Students will need a notebook (sprial or composition) and a bradded folder for math class. They will keep both of these in the classroom each day.


    Tuesday, September 3rd

    Went over expectations and team building day.

Susanna Baker - Social Studies Assignments

  • Fri, Sept 13

    Media Center - first trip


    Thurs, Sept 12

    warm up (Juvenile Crime Law - begin discussions); Media Center Expectations (tomorrow is first trip); Just Do It Competition (only some classes had time)


    Wed, Sept 11

    Remembering 9/11


    Tues, Sept 10

    warm up; CNN 10; Hurricane Dorian in ___(city): past, present, future


    Mon, Sept 9

    warm up; CNN 10 - Past, Present & Future of Geography with severe weather events


    Fri, Sept 6

    warm up; turn in Dear Ms. Baker HW if didn't yesterday; SLO pre-test online

    Homework: Go home and cheer for the Chiefs!!


    Thurs, Sept 5

    Warm up; Dear Ms. Baker finish & turn in (if not complete, HW & due at beginning of class tomorrow)


    Wed, Sept 4

     warm up; 21st Century Skills; work on Dear Ms. Baker


    Tues, Sept 3

    Social Studies - label warm up spiral & do first warm up (leave spiral in the classroom); CNN 10


    Fri, Aug 30

    Social Studies - CNN 10; bring spiral for Social Studies


    Thurs, Aug 29

    Social Studies - room tour; CNN Student News; Dear Ms. Baker (some classes started, others didn't; not homework); have spiral and individual book here next Tuesday!


    Wed, Aug. 28

    Social Studies - attendance; rules & expectations; Midnight Madness (game); Students need to bring a spiral that can be left in the classroom!

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