Taylour Beamer - English Language Arts/Reading Assignments

  • 11/8- 11/19

    • I can identify the main idea of a text
    • I can determine the meaning of words and phrases as they are used in the text
    • I can cite evidence of the development of the main idea

    5 Book and 3 genres are due in reading notebook on 1/05/2022


Amber Johnson - Science Assignments

  • November 8-19

    Rock Cycle Lesson 

    • Doodle notes
    • Flocabulary - Rock Cycle
    • Candy Corn Rock Cycle Lab
    • Rock Cycle Reading
    • Quiz


Jason Reimund - English Language Arts/Writing Assignments

  • Writing 

    Friday, November 5th:

    Today will be the final day, in class, for completing the Cornell method notes. If they do not finish today, they will have to work on this at home or during homeroom. Monday, we will begin drafting our introductions. 

    November 2nd through 5th:

    This week we have discussed text structures, such as compare and contrast or cause and effect, etc. Students were expected to have made their final topic selections this week. Their two Cornell method notes will also be due for a grade this week. 

    Informational Writing (research) in October:

    In October, we have discussed the various text features found in articles, such as photographs, illustrations, captions, and sidebars. We also looked at how reading articles is unique and not at all the same as reading any other forms of writing. 

    We began generating ideas for possible topics to write our own feature articles. We went to the library and learned how to navigate the databases, Gale and Ebsco, in the library resources so that we could begin researching these potential topics. 

    We learned a specific style of note taking called the Cornell method. Students will be expected to find at least two approved sources of information in the library databases or in print. For each of these two sources, they will be required to draft notes using the Cornell method. From these notes, they draft their articles. 

    During the selection process, where we decided what topic we would use for the feature article, we also narrowed down that topic and determined a specific angle. For example, students would not write on article about sports. They would instead narrow that down to a specific sport, such as Olympic swimming. However, they need to narrow that down even more. They could narrow their focus to an article about the great Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps. However, because we are not writing an entire biography, they must narrow it down even more. What is your angle? Finally, they may decide to write about the Olympic games where Phelps broke and set gold medal records. Thus, the angle of the article is actually about breaking records, not about Olympic swimming or Michael Phelps. Of course, this is only an example. 

    September 27th through October 1st:

    Well, now that we have learned the writing workshop and practiced the writing process, we begin our next unit: Informational Writing or The Feature Article. In this unit, we will learn how to find and use credible and reliable sources to support an informative piece of writing. We will also use a variety of text features, such as photos and captions and sidebars, and we will learn to use different text structures, like compare and contrast or questions and answer, to best deliver the information on our chosen topics. Of course, the most exciting aspect of informative writing that students will learn (this is a joke) is a note taking technique called the Cornell Method! By the end of the unit, students will create an article of their own. 

    This week, we will be in the immersion step of the writing process, examining various articles and other pieces of informative writing to see how other writers craft their work. We have also taken a pre-unit test, of sorts, to allow me to see what students may or may not already know about this genre of writing. The pre-unit writing prompt is on Google Classroom and will be due Monday, October 4th. 


Jenni Roling - Math Assignments

  • 10/18 - Monday

    1.3 Absolute Value Notes. (Video posted on GC.)

    1.3 Practice

    10/19 - Tuesday

    1.3 Practice

    10/20 - Wednesday - EARLY RELEASE

    1.3 Absolute Value Target Ticket

    10/21 - Thursday 

    Compare and order decimals

    10/22 - Friday - TERM 1 ENDS!!! 

    Convert Fractions, Decimals, and Percents


Riker Hale - Social Studies Assignments

  • Week of October 18th 2021

    October 18th: Test

    October 19th and 20th: Mapping Practice

    October 21st and 22nd: Island Project



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