Taylour Beamer - English Language Arts/Reading Assignments

  • Week of January 6th- 10th

    Students picked an argumentative topic in class to research the pros and cons for using articles provided in class. Students will then pick a side to debate using the evidence they found from research. The debate will be their final for Quarter 2. 

Amber Johnson - Science Assignments

  •  Week of January 13

     Students with 0-2/4 on layers of the atmosphere quiz met in small group to relearn the material.

    Heat Transfer

    • Read Chapter 12, Lesson 2
    • Worksheet
    • Notes
    • Demo
    • Quiz

    One Strange Rock video with sub Friday

    Week of January 21


    Week of January 27


    Week of February



Jason Reimund - English Language Arts/Writing Assignments

  • Writing - 

    December 9 through 13:

    Students select a topic based on the relevant evidence found. After approval of the selected topic, students will have to organize their essays in an outline. The argumentative essay outline is due the week before the holiday break, but students can turn these in anytime before Wednesday, January 8th. 

    December 2 through 6:

    This week students will be selecting topics for their argumentative essays. We will practice brainstorming to generate ideas for debatable topics. On Wednesday, December 4th, I will hand out some guides to help students select effective topics based on their interests. They will have to complete an Argumentative Essay Proposal to be turned in by Thursday, December 5th. I will review these to determine if the student has selected a good, debatable topic to research for next week. I am urging the students to discuss this with their parents and guardians to help them decide on a good topic for argumentative writing. 

    November 18 through 22:

    Students will continue to read examples argumentative essays in class and practice writing to daily prompts in their journals. 

    November 13 through 15:

    Students will learn various argumentative techniques and begin daily writing prompts in their journals. On November 13th, students discussed the argumentative essay format, and they were assigned an essay, which we read aloud in class. They were asked to identify and label the various parts of an essay format. On November 14th, we discussed explicit thesis statements and implicit arguments and claims. We discussed elements that make up a good thesis statement. On November 15th, students were assigned another essay, for which they had to identify and label the format components, and they were also asked to craft a thesis statement for a fictional narrative we read aloud in class. In summary, students were given three assignments this week, in addition to the daily journal writing. 

    November 12:

    Students were introduced to the new unit over argumentative writing. A pretest argumentative writing prompt was given. 

    November 11:

    Today, students will take a test over specific grammar elements, such as pronouns. A practice and review worksheet was given at the beginning of last week.  

    November 8:

    On Friday, November 8th, students responded to an end of unit narrative prompt. This is a post unit assessment. 

    November 7:

    The final draft of the personal narrative will be due on Thursday, November 7th. 

    November 4 through November 8:

    This week, we will be focused on finishing our personal narratives. On Friday, November 1st, I passed out copies of the grading rubric that will be used. I went over all aspects of the rubric, explained how I would assess, and answered student questions about the narrative. This will be an assessment score. Assessments are weighted at 60% of their grade, so it is important that students understand what elements to include in their writing. The finished personal narrative will be typed; however, those without Chromebook access may handwrite the narrative, but it must be legible. All personal narratives must include the following: 

    • at least one section of correctly indented and punctuated dialogue
    • at least one "thought shot" (a narrator's inner thoughts)
    • an engaging introduction
    • relevant descriptive details and evidence of an attempt at some of the narrative techniques discussed in class
    • good use of transitional words and phrases
    • effective and logical sequence of events
    • evidence of proofreading and editing through limited errors
    • clear focus throughout
    • a reflective conclusion

    Please note that all of these topics have been thoroughly discussed in class. 

     October 28 through November 1:

    We have selected a personal narrative to draft. Also this week, we have learned several narrative techniques, including writing with dialogue, adding descriptive details and vivid imagery, sensory details, transitions, plot elements, reflective conclusions, and we have spent time on some focused grammar rules and editing practice. 

    October 25th:

    End of Term

    October 18th:

    On Monday, October 21st, students will be writing a small journal prompt as a final assessment for the first quarter. However, the prompt is already available in Google Classroom. 

    This must be completed in Google Classroom by October 23rd, before the end of the quarter. This is a final grade. For students who have lost Chromebook privileges, the writing can be done on notebook paper. However, handwriting must be legible.  

    Please make sure your writing meets the following criteria:


    • Includes descriptive details.
    • Tells a narrative in chronological order.
    • Has one simile, onomatopoeia, personification, or vivid language.
    • Uses complete sentences with capital letters and punctuation.
    • Uses conventional spelling.



    Write about a time when you had to do something that you did not want to do.


    Graded Assignments to Date:

    • My Writing Interview
    • Vocabulary Word Search
    • Painting a Picture with Words
    • Pre-Unit Final Draft (Google Classroom)
    • Vocabulary Worksheet (Narrative Unit)
    • Photograph Memories
    • Themes and Connections
    • Descriptive Writing Scavenger Hunt
    • Weekly Journal Entries

    October 21 through 25:

    We will be selecting an entry from our writing journals to develop, elaborate, draft, edit, and revise into a final piece of writing. We will learn several techniques that will help the students develop their writing during this process.  

    October 14 through 18:

    We are generating ideas in our writing journals by addressing daily writing prompts. We are also exploring various techniques for brainstorming ideas. At least one of the journal entries will be selected for a drafting, editing, and revision project at the end of the unit. 

    October 11th:

    Students were asked to bring a family photograph or two to class. The photos were used to generate ideas for potential writing projects. A worksheet was provided to help organize their ideas. This worksheet/chart (Photograph Memories) was to be completed and turned in by October 14th. 

    October 9th: 

    Themes and Connections: After having read several stories and excerpts from a variety of mentor texts, students were asked to list some of these stories and identify the theme of each. Then, they made personal connections to the story. There was a worksheet provided to help with this process, and we worked together in class to complete it. 

    October 4th:

    Descriptive Writing Scavenger Hunt: As an independent homework project, students were asked to take a walk outside (in their neighborhood, at a park, etc.). They were supposed to use three different forms of figurative language in sentences based on their observations during this walk (simile, onomatopoeia, and personification). Due Monday, October 7th. 

    October 7th through 11th:

    We are generating ideas in our writing journals by addressing daily writing prompts. We are also exploring various techniques for brainstorming ideas. At least one of the journal entries will be selected for a drafting, editing, and revision project at the end of the unit. 

    October 2nd:

    Students were given a list of vocabulary words. They were to look up the definition for each word and then use that word correctly in a sentence. 

    September 24 through 27:

    Students were asked to type their revised, edited, and approved draft in a Google Doc. The draft was to be proofread before submitting it. Students were told to check for spelling, grammar, and punctuation and to write in complete sentences and correctly formatted paragraphs.

    Graded Assignments to Date:

    • My Writing Interview
    • Vocabulary Word Search
    • Painting a Picture with Words

    September 16 through 20:

    As usual, we will be working in our journals. We are still brainstorming writing topics. This week, however, we will select one of the journal entries for elaboration. Beginning this week and into next, we will work on drafting this entry into a final completed project. 

    Friday, Sep. 13th: 

    Students will be completing a notetaking chart in class and independently. The "Painting Pictures with Words" chart will help the students identify figurative language found in the mentor texts. 

    Week of September 9th through 13th: 

    In addition to interactive reading sessions in class, we have begun writing in our journals. I have given the students writing prompts to use in generating ideas for writing; however, I am somewhat lenient on the journal content. It is important we get into the habit of writing.  

    Thu, Sep. 5: 

    Students were given five vocabulary words. By Monday, September 9th, they are expected to find the definitions for each of the words, as well as at least one synonym and one antonym. 

    In their journals, students started brainstorming lists. Tomorrow we will personalize our journals. 

    Wed, Sep. 4:

    Students were given a questionaire, "My Writing Interview." The questionaire had seven questions related to writing. On the back, students were asked to draw a T-chart listing three books (the mentor books from class were recommended, as we have already discussed these) and authors on one side, and listing the reasons the authors had written them on the other side. 

    * Students have been given the opportunity to redo or add to the "My Writing Interview" assignment if they choose to do so. I have gone over the assignment with class, and offered to go over it individually with any student who needs additional clarification. 

    Wed, Aug. 28: 

    Writing - Introductions and expectations; writing prompt, Tell me something about yourself, and tell me at least one song or musical artist you really like (make sure it's school appropriate!). Please bring a composition notebook to be left in the classroom for writing. Also, by next week, try to bring in some stickers, magazine clippings, etc., to use to decorate the notebooks and turn them into personalized writing journals. 

    "Letter to Future Self" - students were asked to draft a letter to their 8th grade selves. 



Jenni Roling - Math Assignments

  • Friday, Jan 10th

    Multiply decimals target ticket.


    Multiply decimals activity - "Who Done It" & homework page.


    Multiply decimals practice: trail run & flocabulary.


    Multiply decimal notes & practice.

    Monday, Jan. 6th

    Reviewed classroom expectations.


Susanna Baker - Social Studies Assignments

  • Thurs, Jan 16

    Media Center


    Wed, Jan 15 (Early Release)

    Finish Geo Bee


    Tues, Jan 14

    Warm up; Geography Bee


    Mon, Jan 13

    Warm up; Geography Bee


    Fri, Jan 10

    Timeline Quiz

    Check Quarter 3 schedules

    Geography Bee, if time


    Thurs, Jan 9

    warm up (timeline practice for Timeline Quiz Tomorrow!)

    Goegraphy Bee


    Wed, Jan 8

    warm up (finish culture work from yesterday)

    Connected Classroom challenge

    timeline practice - *Timeline Quiz on Friday!*


    Tues, Jan 7 *Baker had sub*

    News & culture warm up

    Flocabulary: Culture


    Mon, Jan 6

    Service Monday (clean CBS)

    Social Studies Reality Check (last ditch effort to get in Quarter 2 missing assignments)


    Fri, Dec 20

    Christmas Assembly - Student v. Staff Volleyball game

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

    Enjoy the holiday season with your family and loved ones!!


    Thurs, Dec 19

    Social Studies CELEBRATION DAY!

    Students were EXCEPTIONAL when Ms. Baker had a sub unexpectedly 2 days last week; Students are being rewarded with a party day in class. Students may choose to work on missing work or may play games & enjoy building relationships with their peers. Thank you for being respectful and responsible, even when Ms. Baker has to be gone! I'm proud!!!


    Wed, Dec 18

    Timeline work - fix textbook Timeline questions & turn in; Create timeline on wksht - HW if not finished


    Tues, Dec 17

    Service Day; Timeline review & teacher notes


    Mon, Dec 16

    Snow Day!

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