• Click here for complete details about the 8th Grade Initiative (8GI) program from our partners at the YMCA.

    The Jefferson City Area YMCA’s 8th Grade Initiative (8GI) allows students to make new friends, discover their passions and begin to develop and cultivate a healthy lifestyle at a young age. As Jefferson City’s leader in promoting a strong mind, body and spirit we want to ensure these youth are set up for future success through an active lifestyle.

    Any 8th grade student is eligible for a free membership at the Jefferson City Area YMCA during the duration of their 8th grade year. A membership application must be completed for a student to take part. Registration for the program will open at the time of JCPS registration and will remain open through the school year. 8GI members have full access to all three Jefferson City Area YMCA facilities. Specialized programs and classes will be offered for 8GI participants throughout the year. Membership will be effective through July 31, 2020.