Our staff
  • Welcome to Thomas Jefferson Middle School's Student Services Department!

    We provide support services for students and their families and help create a safe, comfortable, and positive educational experience throughout middle school. 

    For Students:

    • Deliver support with conflict resolution, peer relationships, self-concept, and family relationships.
    • Provide access to Academic and Career Planning services and goal setting.
    • Make appropriate referrals for services within the school and community. 
    • Guide students with academic support, career development, and personal/social education.
    • Provide students with information on digital citizenship.  

    For Families:

    • Communicate and exchange information with parents.
    • Provide consultation with parents to facilitate their student's school attendance, academic achievement, and personal growth.

    For Teachers:

    • Consult with teachers regarding student academic achievement, social development, and future plans.
    • Facilitate parent/teacher meetings.


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Last Modified on February 22, 2021