Welcome to EER!

  • Welcome to Middle School EER! I am so excited to get the 2020-21 school year started!

  • Name:  Keri Talley

    School Email:  keri.talley@jcschools.us

    School Phone:  573-659-3250 (TJ) or 573-659-3200 (LC)

    Plan Time: 8:46-9:46 a.m.

Keri Talley
  • Class Schedule:

     1st hr:  Plan

    2nd hr: 8th grade (TJ), 6th grade (LC)

    3rd hr:  8th grade (TJ), 6th grade (LC)

    4th hr:  7th grade

    5th hr: 7th grade

    6th hr:  6th grade (TJ), 8th grade (LC)

    7th hr:  6th grade (TJ), 8th grade (LC)


Last Modified on August 17, 2020