• TJMS Principal Shawn Kelsch

  • I am originally from Indiana, but have made my home in Missouri my entire adult life.  Over the years, I have served in multiple different education and leadership roles. I am always striving for improvement.  I am an extremely proud dad and husband. My daughter and son are both in college and my wife is also an educator and leader at the high school level.

    I believe in the power of education, as I have completed three college degrees and am currently in the process of completing a fourth.  I am a strong supporter of helping students find ways to connect with school and enjoy the power of education. Those connections might come from singing in choir, playing an instrument in band, creating in art, playing a sport, joining a club, or even learning from a favorite teacher.  My sincere hope is that all students can find a connection with school.

    During my time away from school, I enjoy working on cars and completing do-it-yourself projects.  I enjoy playing golf, board games and card games. I love spending time and doing about anything with my family.  I am a fan of St. Louis Cardinal Baseball and NFL fantasy football. I look forward to meeting you soon!