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  • Kelsey Hile
    Physical Education: 6th-8th Grade
    Phone: (573) 659-3250
    Plan Time: 8:50am-10:04am
    7th Grade Girls Basketball Head Coach
    MS Intramural Soccer Coach
    Encore Department Chair


  • This week we will be starting Archery and various Omnikin Ball Activities. If the weather permits, those who chose the "Omnikin Ball Activities" will have the opportunity to conduct those units outside. On Friday-, we will continue to do our pacer practice in order to help prepare our students for their post Fitnessgram assessment. Our goal is for every student to increase their Pacer score by at least 1 lap. Please make sure you are wearing the proper athletic shoes every PE day. 

    Learning Targets:
    1.) I can prepare myself for exercise by stretching my muscles and increasing my heart rate.
    2.) I can determine my correct eye dominance for archery success.
    3.) I can determine the different whistle commands and understand range safety.
    4.) I can understand the 11 steps to archery success. 

    Relevance Statement:
    We warm up to gently prepare the body for exercise by gradually increasing our heart and circulation. This will loosen the joints and increase blood flow to the muscles.
    Archery is a hobby that helps build muscular strength, sportsmanship, confidence, and mental toughness. With archery, you can decide to be competitive or use the sport as a mere hobby. Regardless of the direction you’re planning to take, archery will always be fun and can be a great avenue for you to socialize with other people.

    Coach Hile Welcome Letter

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Last Modified on February 27, 2022