Welcome to Thomas Jefferson Middle School's News and Information Page:
    Today is Friday, November 19, 2021
    Good Morning Thomas Jefferson -  Today is a BLUE DAY
    Welcome to Thomas Jefferson Middle School!! At TJMS we are engaging minds, facilitating critical thinking, encouraging readers, inspiring writers and having high expectations. 
    *It is important to have a charged Chromebook in order to be successful each day. Please help remind your student to do this nightly so they are prepared for class.  
    Students and Parents:  Anyone making an F in Math or Reading at the end of this term will be required to attend  tutoring. Tutoring is on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:10-5:30PM. 
    Dec. Break 
    Winter Break
    YEARBOOKS are now on sale. Flyer orders are due by Friday, Feb. 25, 2022. Online ordering ends Friday, Feb. 25, 2022. To order visit: 
    inter-state.com/order and enter code: 62369C  or return envelope with check payable to TJMS.
    Kid Account cards have been given to all students as of 9/15/2021: Kid Account is our system for car riders. Each student is given 2 Kid Account cards with their name and a bar code on it. When picking up your student after school in the car rider line, you will show the card to the staff member outside, they will scan the card. Once the card is scanned, your student's name will be projected on a screen in the gym (where the car riders are waiting) and they will know to proceed outside. If you need additional Kid Account cards, they are $2 each. You may get those in the main office from Kathy.
    THE AFTER SCHOOL ACTIVITY BUS RUNS MONDAY THRU THURSDAY EACH WEEK (it arrives ar TJ at 5:30pm and leaves TJ at 5:45pm). THERE IS NO ACTIVITY BUS ON FRIDAYS. Students must sign up at the office window each day they want to ride the Activity Bus. They must sign up by 1:00PM!

    The Jefferson City Area YMCA offers a free membership for all area 8th graders through their 8th Grade Initiative (8GI).  Their mission is to build a healthy spirit, mind and body for all and they believe strongly that this is a place where our communities 8th graders can thrive and grow.  The YMCA want to make sure that opportunity to grow healthy habits is available for any 8th grader.  All the student needs to do is stop by one of our three area Y’s  with a parent or guardian to sign up.  After that they have full access to the Y facilities.  The Y will also have opportunities to get together with other 8GI members throughout the year.

    Jazz Band - Weekly student ensemble that rehearses jazz music charts while focusing on improvisation, history, and performance.  7th and 8th Grade students are welcome.  Meets after school in the band room once a week.  Must either be in Band class or play guitar, piano, or bass - this is not a club where just anyone can join. This is more of an enrichment ensemble for musical students who are already committed to working hard and want to learn a new form of music.  Tuesdays after school from 4:00 to 5:15. If questions, contact Mr. McFall (email: ryan.mcfall@jcschools.us)


    CLUBS at TJMS:
    ArcheryIf you have questions contact Mrs. Schuemann at shana.schuemann@jcschools.us
    Art Club: Friday, Dec. 5th @ 7:30am in room 161
    FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes): Meets Thursday, Dec. 2nd @ 8:20am in the gym.


    Who: All TJ students

    When:  Last Thursday of each month @ 4:00-5:30pm & as needed for special events (Meeting on Thursday, Dec. 16th)

    Focus: Literacy, Service, and Advocacy & Fundraising for the library

    • Areas of Focus
      • Literacy 
        • print & electronic promotion for award nominees
        • book clubs
        • promote JC Reads Week
      • Service 
        • school library service
        • school service
        • community service
      • Advocacy/Fundraising 
        • raising funds for books, beautification of the library
        • working with other clubs
        • Library Public Service Announcements, (PSA)

    Contact Information: Mrs. Burton (Email: marcia.burton@jcschools.us)  

    MathCounts: Meets on Thursdays, next meeting is on December 2nd @ 4:00-5:00pm in room 811. 
    Patriot Players:The TJMS Patriot Players Drama Club is for middle school students who are interested in a creative outlet to express themselves while improving their self-confidence, organizational skills, time management, and communication skills. We offer acting, directing, singing, dancing, making costumes, building sets, and having fun! Auditions for our Spring Musical will be Monday, Dec. 13th & Tuesday, Dec. 14th from 4:00pm to 5:30pm.
    Our meetings will be the second Tuesday of each month after school from 4:00-5:30 pm starting in October until closer to performance dates. Our plan is a Spring Musical - more information to follow. We hope to see you there!
    Contact Information: Ms. Banks (Email: sharman.banks@jcschools.us)  Mr. Donehue (Email: troy.donehue@jcschools.us)   Mrs. Bennett (Email: carvella.bennett@jcschools.us)                              
    Patriot Reading Challenge: This club is designed to get TJMS students to read the Mark Twain and Truman award nominees. Students work at their own pace and receive rewards and recognition at three different levels of achievement. After reading an award nominee book, the student takes a short quiz.   Contact Information: Marcia Burton (Email:  marcia.burton@jcschools.us) 
    Sign Language Club: Will start up next semester.
    Student Council Meets Tuesday, Nov. 30th at 7:45am in room 114
    Students and Parents attending School Sporting Events, currently Volleyball and Football... We ask that all spectators attending games please be courteous and stay in your seats during games.  We would like for everyone to enjoy the event.  Thank you!
    Basketball Practice: Please see your practice calendar for practice times.
    Basketball Games:
    11/22 - 6:00pm: 7th Grade Girls @ TJMS
    11/22 - 6:00pm: 7th Grade Boys @John Warner MS
    11/29 - 5:00pm: 7th Grade Boys @ TJMS
    11/29 - 7:00pm: 7th Grade Girls @ TJMS
    11/30 - 6:00pm: 8th Grade Girls @ TJMS
    11/30 - 6:00pm: 8th Grade Boys @ Russellville
    12/1 - 6:00pm: 7th Grade Girls @ TJMS
    12/1 - 6:00pm: 7th Grade Boys @ Jefferson Middle
    12/2 - 6:00pm: 8th Grade Girls @ Jefferson Middle
    12/2 - 6:00pm: 8th Grade Boys @ TJMS
    12/6 - 6:00pm: 7th Grade Girls @ TJMS
    12/6 - 6:00pm: 7th Grade Boys @ Smith Cotton
    12/7 - 6:00pm: 8th Grade Girls @ Rolla
    12/7 - 6:00pm: 8th Grade Boys @ CCHS Aux Gym
    12/8 - 6:00pm: 7th Grade Girls @ Gentry
    12/8 - 6:00pm: 7th Grade Boys @ TJMS
    12/9 - 6:00pm: 8th Grade Girls @ TJMS
    12/9 - 6:00pm: 8th Grade Boys @ Gentry
    12/11 - 10:00am: 7th Grade Girls @ TJMS
    12/11 - 10:00am: 7th Grade Boys @ LCMS
    12/13 - 12/17 - 8th Grade Girls @ Jefferson City 8th Grade Tournament @ time TBA
    12/13 - 12/17 - 7th Grade Girls Conference Tournament @ Smithton MS time TBA
    12/13 - 12/17 - 7th Grade Boys Conference @ Jefferson MS time TBA
    1/4 - 6:00pm - 8th Grade Girls @ LCMS
    1/4 - 1/8 - 8th Grade Boys @ Camdenton 8th Grade Boys Tourament time TBA
    1/6 - 6:00pm - 8th Grade Girls @ TJMS
    1/11 - 6:00pm - 8th Grade Boys @ John Warner
    1/10 - 1/14 - 8th Grade Girls Conference Tournamennt @ Ollis MS
    1/17 - 1/21 - 8th Grade Boys Conference Tournament @ Oakland MS
    Wrestling Meets:
    11/19 - 5:00pm @ LCMS
    11/22 - 5:00pm @ LCMS
    11/29 - 5:30pm @ Versailles
    12/1 - 5:00pm @ JCHS
    12/4 - TBA 
    12/6 - 5:00pm @ Bueker-Marshall
    12/7 - 5:00pm @ TJMS
    12/11 - TBA @ Troy MS
    12/14 - 5:00pm @ Mexico MS