• Broadcast Media

  • Broadcast Media is a program of study offered through the Nichols Career Center. Focus will be placed on in-depth news story development, communication skills (written, oral, interview styles, etc.) and technology skills required to create an online news magazine. Students will pitch story ideas, research material for stories, conduct interviews, and edit stories into a final format and meet production deadlines. Professional audio visual and lighting equipment use will be a key component of instruction on location, and in the classroom studio. Industry level editing software includes Adobe Premiere Pro (video), Adobe Audition (audio) and Adobe Photoshop (images and photos). Emphasis is placed on hands-on activities requiring students to work in groups, be creative, responsible, and professional. Visit www.nicholsstudentnews.com to preview student news stories. Second year students continue with in-depth news story development. Responsibilities will also include positions as copy editor, news director, social media management, and website manager.


Broadcast Media Instructor