• Auto Collision
  • Auto Collision Technology I/II is a 36-week course for grades 11-12 in which skills are achieved through classroom studies and hands-on activities in a well-equipped shop area. Basic skills developed include: safety, fundamentals of collision repair, auto glass, part replacement, cutting metal, plastic repair, welding, straightening body panels, masking, refinishing, and detailing. Students can achieve I-CAR Pro Level I status in Refinishing and Non-Structural Repair. This will indicate to potential employers and post-secondary institutions the student’s ability and skills achieved throughout the two-year course. Attendance and effort are major factors of the student’s grade. This program uses the SP2 safety program and I-CAR’s Professional Development Program for Refinishing and Non-Structural Repair curriculum throughout the two-year course.


    Students wishing to enter this program complete I-CAR’s Intro to Collision Repair Series (14 introductory online units) prior to the start of school as a prerequisite.


Auto Collision Instructor