8th Grade Math and 8th Grade Algebra!

  • 8th Grade Mathematics                

    Unit 1: 

    Properties of Exponents

    Scientific Notation

    Unit 2

    Rational Numbers

    Irrational Numbers

    Unit 3

    Using and understanding the Pythagorean Theorem

    Applying the Pythagorean Theorem

    Unit 4

    Solving Multi-step Equations

    Solving inequalities

    Unit 5

    Surface Area of Pyramids

    Volume of Cones, Spheres, and Pyramids

    Unit 6

    Graph proportional Relationships

    Find Slope


    Unit 7

    Non-proportional Relationships


    Unit 8

    Comparing Functions

    Unit 9


    Unit 10

    Angle Relationships

    Applying Equations to Angle Relationships

    Unit 11

    Bivariate Data

    Scatter Plots


    Unit 1

    Solve Multi-Linear Equations

    Solve Linear Inequalities

    Unit 2

    Add/Subtract Polynomials

    Properties of Exponents

    Simplify Radical Expressions

    Unit 3

    Introduction to Functions

    Classifying Functions

    Evaluating Functions

    Unit 4

    Graph Linear Equations

    Write Linear Equations

    Unit 5

    Graph Quadratic Functions

    Write Quadratic Functions

    Unit 6

    Factor Quadratic Equations

    Solve Quadratic Equations

    Unit 7

    Graphing Exponential Equations

    Writing Exponential Equations

    Unit 8

    Solve systems of Linear Equation


    • By graphing
    • By substitution
    • By elimination


    Unit 9

    Box and Whisker plots

    Frequency tables


    Scatter plots

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