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    Please submit a work order to your library media specialist for account change requests including:
    - Teacher account name changes
    - Adding or moving student accounts
    - Teacher or student account login issues
    District Expectations for Typing Instructor 
    • All students in 2nd - 5th grade will use Typing Instructor under the supervision of their classroom teacher.
    • The parent letter introducing Typing Instructor will be sent home to each 2nd - 5th grade student with their username and password.
    • Teachers will schedule thirty minutes for each student, per week to work in Typing Instructor.
    • Teachers will monitor progress and adjust student's typing plan and words per minute (WPM) as needed to make sure they are using the home row, good posture and developing appropriate typing habits.

    Typing Instructor Q & A
    How do I log in to my teacher account?
    When using a computer - Use Chrome or Internet Explorer  http://jcschools.typinginstructorforkids.com/admin
    When using an iPad - Use the Photon or Puffin app

    Username: firstnamelastname plus jc  (Example:  janedoejc)
    Password: typejcps

    If you have changed your password and don't remember, use "Forgot Password" on the log in page.

    How does a student log in to their account?
    When using a computer - Use Chrome or Internet Explorer http://jcschools.typinginstructorforkids.com

    When using an iPad - Use the Photon or Puffin app

    Username: firstinitiallastname plus last 4 digits of student ID# (Example:  jsmithton4428)
    Password: 5-digit Person ID plus jcps  (Example:  99752jcps)

    Can I add new students to my class?
    Please submit a work order with the new student's first name, last name, and their teacher's name.  It is helpful to include the student's previous in-district school and teacher if possible. 
    Can I delete students from my class or move them to another class?
    Please DO NOT delete students from your class.  
    Even though you do have rights to delete students, moving a student from one class to another is easier for the district account manager if you do not delete students from your class. 
    You do not have rights to move students from your class to another school. 
    What do I do when a student gets to the end of their typing plan?
    When students have worked through all the lessons in the Basic Typing Plan, you will assess their progress and decide if  they should move on to another plan or if their WPM's should be increased and work through the same plan again.  You should refer to this Curriculum Guide for complete information about the available typing plans.  

    To change a student's typing plan - Log in to your teacher account, select the student by checking the box beside their name, and click on "Edit".  A new window will be available for you to change the student's typing plan and WPM.
    *Changing the student's WPM will not reset their current typing plan to the beginning.  Resetting the student's current typing plan now has to be done through the student account.
    To reset the student's current typing plan,  Log in to the student account, click on the map icon, Map Room, then Plans and choose "Reset".   The student's typing plan can be changed here also.  
    *You are highly encouraged not to expose students to this function in order to reserve the management of their progress for you as the classroom teacher.
    How do I change a student's WPM (Words Per Minute)?
    Log in to your teacher account, check the box beside the student's name to select, choose "Edit" and change the WPM in the new window and save.  
    *With the recent system updates, this does NOT reset the student's typing plan back to the beginning.  

How do I change a student's WPM in Typing Instructor?

How do I change a student's typing plan or reset a student's typing plan?