The Department of Communications serves as the liaison between our schools and the community.  Among the duties of the Department of Communications are all major communication efforts, parent and community outreach, media relations, and special staff and community events.
      Phone: (573) 659-3018
    Stay in Touch
    Department Staff:
    Ryan Burns, Director of Communications
    Brittany Ruess, Communications & Marketing Manager

    Petra Massie, Communications Specialist
    Comms Team
    [back row from left to right: Sue Bass, Gabe Wittenberger, Cassie Williams, Brittany Ruess]
    [front row from left to right: Peyton Orban, Petra Massie, Ryan Burns]
    The JC Schools Foundation and the Miller Performing Arts Center staff are also a part of the Department of Communications.
    See below for more information about those offices and staff members.

JC Schools Foundation

Miller Performing Arts Center