• Ensuring a Positive Learning and Working Environment 
    Jefferson City School District strives to maintain a positive working and learning environment for all students and staff.  Over the course of a school year we recognize that there will undoubtedly be situations of concern/complaints to students, parents, staff and the public.  Such concerns/complaints are best resolved by addressing them at the level where the concerns originate through communication with 
    appropriate staff members.  
    Students, Parents and Public
    If a student and/or parent have a concern/complaint with an issue related to a specific class, program or staff member, they should schedule a time to meet with those individuals in order to communicate respectfully and professionally the specific concerns. If after that meeting the student and/or parent are not satisfied with the action taken or answers provided, they should schedule a time to meet with the building administrator who is responsible for the immediate supervision of that class, program or staff member.  Again, concerns/complaints should be communicated both respectfully and professionally.  If after meeting with the building administrator the concerns/complaints have not been resolved the student and/or parent may address the question to the appropriate chain of supervision at the District’s Central Office.  
    If after meeting with the appropriate Central Office administration and the Superintendent, and if the student and/or parent are still dissatisfied with the decision, they may request that the Board of Education consider the issue by submitting a written request to the superintendent or secretary of the Board detailing the specific concern and requested action.  Pursuant to Board Policy KL, the Board will address the matter in an appropriate and timely manner.