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The Office of Staff Services manages the curriculum for the district, and professional development opportunities for staff.
Dr. Gretchen Guitard, Director, Staff Services 
(573) 659-3226
District Curriculum Update
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Please take a moment to review your user profile and make sure it is up to date.  It is important you have the proper building selected so your leave request and other fill in forms will route properly.  To update your user profile, click on "Account Options" at the bottom of the list on the left side for the drop down menu.  Then, click on "My User Profile".  After you have made any necessary changes, be sure to scroll all the way down and click on "Save".
Please be aware, due to our school district experiencing a large number of substitute requests, all professional leave requests will be approved only if your absence has been reported to Kelly Services.  In order to be more consistent with Kelly Services and our office, we have been asked to cross check all professional leave requests with Kelly Services, regardless of whether you are requesting a substitute.  All absence requests for professional leave activities should be reported as professional development leave in Kelly Services.
 2016-2017 Professional Development Black-Out Calendar
In an effort to protect the days where there are more requests for substitutes, the Staff Services Office has developed a "black out" calendar as a guideline when requesting professional development leave.  We have "blacked out" Mondays and Fridays, the Tuesday before Thanksgiving break, days before winter break, and the entire month of May.  We are aware there are professional development events that may happen on some of these blacked out days which are are beyond our control, such as conferences.  However, we ask district staff not to purposefully schedule in-district professional development leave, such as mentor/mentee days, etc., during those blacked out days.  Our hope is to reduce the amount of unfilled substitute requests during those days where there are a higher volume of absences due to other reasons, such as illness.