Technology Services Department
    The Jefferson City School District Technology Services Department manages and supports a wide variety of technology equipment, tools and resources. Technology services are provided at an early childhood center, eleven elementary schools, two middle schools, two high schools, an academic center, a career center, the board of education office, and other buildings which house district departments and staff.
    The Technology Services Department webpages are designed to highlight department staff  and provide information relevant to students and families, specific content of interest to district staff, and other content related to technology services. Please use the website to locate information about the department, Dix Road Education Center, as well as direct you to technology-related resources and policies.
    Technology Services Department Mission Statement

    The Jefferson City School District Technology Mission is to provide all students and staff with equitable access to technologies that address the scope of instructional needs to improve student learning and staff effectiveness. The District will utilize technology to augment classroom instruction, integrate educational technology to support curriculum, increase efficiency in communication and data management, and provide support through training and technical assistance. Through effective use of district resources, students will succeed in future educational and career endeavors.