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    2020 Vision Challenge

    If you are looking to change your Health Vision for 2020, join our Challenge!  We will meet twice a week for workouts and once a week for Meal Preps.  Pop up workouts will be throughout as well. 
    Challenge Items:
    1. Group Me - If you have not yet joined or have not received a text from me to join please either join or let me know.  This will be a primary form of communication throughout our challenge.  Remember to post your workout pics here and any other type of encouragement.  I will send reminders here as well. 
    2. MyFitness Pal - If you would like to add me to your friend group my username is blpfenny and my email is bpfenenger@gmail.com.  This will allow me to help you with any nutrition needs you need along the way.
    3. Food Journaling - If you do not want to use My Fitness Pal no worries, just write it all down.  This keeps you accountable and I can help you along the way.
    4. Sunday Meeting Time The majority chose 1:00 pm.  We will do a workout first.  If you do not wish to stay for the Meal Planning session you may leave.
    5. T/TR 5:30 am Workouts - We will meet at the Lewis and Clark gym and we will do 30 minutes of a full body HIIT workout.  (I will stay if anyone wants to go 45 minutes)These will increase in level as we go.  I will have modifications as well.  At the halfway point we will move to Thomas Jefferson and do the same.  
    6. Weekly Points I am resending the google sheet.  Please check that your name is on the list.  I don't want to miss anyone!!  Points will be tallied on Saturday and prizes given on Sunday.  I will fill in the points each time you attend or post in group me. 

    2020 Vision Challenge Flier

    2020 Healthy Eating - Week 1

    2020 Healthy Eating - Week 2



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