Transportation Department
    Transportation Contractor: First Student
     Phone: 573-634-7645 Fax: 573-636-8197
    School District Contact 
    315 East Dunklin Street, Jefferson City, MO 65101
    Phone: 573-659-1190  or  573-659-3017
    Fax: 573-659-3031
  • Welcome to Jefferson City Public Schools' Transportation Department. Our mission is to ensure safe, efficient and reliable transportation service for the children of our District. We contract transportation services with First Student, Inc., 321 Norman Drive, Jefferson City, Missouri 65109.

    All inquiries regarding bus routes or stops, bus assignments, or other school-related transportation questions should be initially directed to First Student at:
    • Phone: 573-634-7645

    For all other transportation inquiries or unresolved issues:


Bus Route Information

  • Bus stop information for the current school year is available only by calling First Student at 634-7645.  An electronic link is not available at the present time.  As a safety precaution, entire bus routes are only available upon request at the school of attendance.