• Below are links to a variety of educational resources for both Elementary and Secondary Students, which are accessible from both home and school.


    If you need any assistance with accounts or login credentials, please feel free to ask your teacher. 


Elementary Student Resources

Secondary Student Resources



    JC Schools Academic Planning Guide 22-23

    The JC Schools Academic Planning Guide is designed to be a stepping-stone for students as they enter high school and begin the path toward their futures. Click on the link above to read the guide and learn more!

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    Please note the following email information:

    The Jefferson City School District is committed to preparing our students to meet the challenges and benefits of technologies.  The JC School district has decided to implement district sponsored student email accounts.  Students grade 6-12 will be automatically issued email accounts specifically designed for communications between teachers and other student groups for the purposes of educational activities and classroom information.  

    Students will be responsible for any communications originating from their email accounts.

    Email problems and support 

    All email technical issues need to be directed to the student's teachers. They will be able to direct any problems to the appropriate staff to resolve the issue.

    Email policy

    Students are required to follow all board approved technology usage policies and ensure this new email account is utilized solely for educational purposes within the Jefferson City School District ("JC Schools").  Any violations of the technology usage agreement, board policy, or any acts that violate respectful and safe communications will be subject to disciplinary actions.