Infinite Campus
    What is Infinite Campus?
    Infinite Campus is a web-based Student Information System. Information available via the Portal includes:
    • Certain demographic information
    • A family calendar that displays attendance and assignments due for all students in the household (Note: assignments display for grade 6-12 students only)
    • An individual student calendar for each student in the household
    • A schedule of classes for each student in the household
    • Assignments and grades for each student (grades 6-12)
    • Attendance
    • Health immunization record
    • Reports (PDF format) Parent Portal

    Is student information on Infinite Campus secure?

    Information stored on the system is encrypted and uses a high-level of Internet security to safeguard system data, similar to systems used by banks and other institutions that do business on line. Campus access requires a User Name and Password, and strong password syntax is enforced. Never share your Infinite Campus password with anyone.
    What do I do if my account is disabled?
    For disabled accounts, please visit your counseling office and they can contact portal help to get the account activated while you are with them. You may also send an email to portalhelp@jcschools.us from your school email account, including your full name, grade, and school, and your user name and password with be sent back to you by email.
    What if I need help?
    Technical assistance is available via email at portalhelp@jcschools.us.