• The appearance of the Campus Portal has been enhanced. Learn about the new and imporved parent portal by clicking the following link:

    Infinite Campus Portal - Family Users

    Infinite Campus Portal - Student View

    Infinite Campus Portal - User Account
    Parents of multiple students are now able to view students one at a time. Navigating between students is made easy with the "Switch Students" button allowing easy access to each students information. Data is now accessed using a tabular navigation tree. The tree is divided into three sections: Student, Family and User Account, making it easier for parents to find the information they wish to view. The formatting and spacing of information on each tab has been improved making information easier to understand.

    The Attendance tab in the Portal has been enhanced to provide multiple options for viewing summaries of attendance data. Attendance data can now be viewed by Course, by Period, by Day and by Term. For each summary drill down capabilities have been added so parents can see the details of each attendance event. State Specific Attendance Codes are displayed when viewing Daily Detail Attendance. Attendance Comments are now available as an option. When selected, these comments are displayed in Daily Detail Attendance.