• Red & Black

    Jay Graduates


    Jay Alma Mater:

    Sing praise to our alma mater; true to her we’ll ever be;

    The Red and Black will always wave over JC, JC.

    All hail! All hail! Keep her colors high above;

    Our honor and devotion pledge to thee whose name we love.





    Jay Fight Song:

    On Jeff City! On Jeff City!

    Fight right through that line!

    Run the ball clear down the field;

    For a touchdown sure this time.

    On Jeff City! On Jeff City!

    Fight on for her fame.

    Fight, fellow!

    Fight! Fight! Fight!

    We’ll win this game.





    YouTube:  Fight Song and Alma Mater 

    YouTube:  Drumline, Fight Song and Alma Mater

    You Tube: Marching Jays entering the football game



    From the 1945 Red & Black (historic Jaybird logo) and the 1947 Marcullus (Jay Fight Song)...

    45 and 47 Publications

    Original Jay




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