Kristen A. Wick
  • Welcome to the Jefferson City High School Science Department!

    I am looking forward to meeting all of our incoming Biology students for the 2022-2023 school year! 

    The word biology is derived from the Greek words "bios" meaning life, and "logos" meaning study and is defined as the science of life and living organisms.  We will jump in with two feet, and explore life in and around us beginning day one!

    The goal of this class is for scholars to understand and interact with the natural world around them as well as the complexities of the human body. When we understand the world and ourselves, we can better connect with them and take care of them. All biology classes are being taught through phenomenon-based storylines.  Throughout the year, you will have to complete labs and activities that center on a specific observation or question using NGSS science skills and practices.  These labs and activities will be completed within small collaborative groups where you will have to communicate and problem solve.

  • Kristen Ann Wick, M.S Secondary Education

    Biology Teacher
    Speech, Debate and Competitive Forensics Team, Assistant Coach
    Jefferson City High School


    (573)659-3050 (main office @ JCHS)


  • Classroom Schedule for 2022-2023

    1st Period:   Biology

    2nd Period:  Biology

    3rd Period:   RtI

    4th Period:   Plan

    5th Period:   Biology

    6th Period:   Biology

    7th Period:   Biology

    I can be available both before and after school for any and all additional help!  Students can arrange a time in advance, or just drop on by Room 231!

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