Welcome to Ms. Svetlik's Classroom

  • Welcome! I am starting with you all half way through the school year but I am excited to help you all succeed as this year comes to an end!

  • Reve Svetlik


    Special Services Teacher






    Plan Time: 7th Hour (2:50pm-3:40pm) 

  • Schedule:

    1st Hour (8:40-9:30am): World History

    2nd Hour (9:35-10:25am): US History

    3rd Hour (10:30-11:20am): Academic Lab

    4th Hour (11:25-12:55pm): Academic Lab

    5th Hour (1:00-1:50pm): US History

    6th Hour (1:55-2:45pm): World History

    7th Hour (2:50-3:40pm): Plan Time

Ms. Svetlik and her son.
Last Modified on February 4, 2021