• AP Registration



    This year students will sign up for AP exams STARTING, September 30, 2019 with a deadline to order without penalty by November 8, 2019. Students will register for exams in the JCHS Counseling Department with Ms. Baird and Mrs. Stevens.  

    The exam fee for 2019-2020 exams will be $100.00 per exam. Cash or Checks made payable to Jefferson City High School.  Note new this year that the College Board is introducing two new fees:  A $40 fee for late registration and another $40 fee for cancelling an exam.  These fees encourage students to commit to the exams early and stay engaged throughout the year, increasing chances of earning college credit.  If a student is on free/reduced lunch, there is a reduction in costs to $68 per exam.   


    Registration for year-long courses

    Opens: September 30 at 8:40 a.m.

    Closes: November 8 at 3:40 p.m.


    Registration for courses offered only second semester

    Opens: January 27 at 8:40 a.m.

    Closes: March 6 at 3:40 p.m.



    Date Test Time Examiner Location
    Mon, 5/4 US Govt/Pol 8:30 AM Winemiller Library
    Tues, 5/5 Calc AB/BC 8:30 AM Martin Library
    Wed, 5/6 Eng Lit/Comp 8:30 AM Clayton Library
      Euro History 12:30 PM Winemiller/Martin Library
      Physics 2 12:30 PM Welch
    Counseling Conf. Room
    Thurs, 5/7 Physics 1 12:30 PM Rogers Library
    Fri, 5/8 US History 8:30 AM Kennedy/Hafley Library
    Mon, 5/11 Biology 8:30 AM Clayton Library
    Tues, 5/12 Psychology 12:30 PM Rogers Library
    Wed, 5/13 Eng Lang & Comp 8:30 AM Kennedy/Hafley Library
    Thur, 5/14 Comp Govt & Pol 8:30 AM Welch Library
    Fri, 5/15 Statistics 12:30 PM Welch Library