• AP Registration


    2nd Semester blocked AP students will register for exams in the JCHS Counseling Department with Ms. Baird and Mrs. Stevens.  You will need to register before March 6th.

    The exam fee for 2020-2021 exams will be $98.00 per exam, $68 per exam if on reduced lunch. Cash or Checks made payable to Jefferson City High School.  Note new this year that the College Board is introducing two new fees:  A $40 fee for late registration and another $40 fee for cancelling an exam.  These fees encourage students to commit to the exams early and stay engaged throughout the year, increasing chances of earning college credit.  


    Registration for year-long courses

    Opens: September 14 at 8:10 a.m.

    Closes: November 9 at 3:40 p.m.




    Date  Test Time Examiner Location
    Mon, 5/3  US Govt/Pol 8:30 AM Winemiller TBD
    Tues, 5/4 Calc AB/BC 8:30 AM Martin TBD
      Human Geo 12:30 PM Welch TBD
    Wed., 5/5  Eng Lit & Comp 8:30 AM Kennedy TBD
      Physics 1 12:30PM Lorenz  
    Thurs., 5/6  US History  8:30 AM Winemiller TBD
    Fri., 5/7  Chemistry  8:30 AM Hafley TBD
      Physics 2  12:30 PM Martin TBD
      European History  12:30 pm     Welch TBD
    Mon., 5/10  None       
    Tues., 5/11  Psychology  12:30 PM Welch TBD
    Wed., 5/12  Eng Lang & Comp  8:30 AM Kennedy/Hafley TBD
    Thur., 5/13  Comp Govt/Pol 8:30 AM Winemiller TBD
      Statistics  12:30 PM Lorenz TBD
    Fri., 5/15  Biology  12:30 PM Martin TBD