• Francisca Zimmerman-Lopez
    Spanish I, Spanish II, Spanish III
    Best time to call me: 1:30-3:30 Monday through Friday
    It is best to reach me by e-mail 
    Monday, Wednesday, Friday  Fourth Lunch ( 11:32-11:56)
    Blocks    Times Subjects
    First Block 7:55-9:09Planning Period
    Second Block 9:15-10:29 Spanish II
    Third Block 10:35-12:17 Spanish I
    Fourth Block 12:23-1:36
    Spanish II            
     Fifth Block                      1:42 - 2:55                 Spanish I
    Wednesday and Thursday  Fourth Lunch (11:46-12:10) Advisory: 1:00-1:35
    Blocks Times Sucjects
    First Block 8:25-9:31Planning Period
    Second Block 9:37-10:43 Spanish II
    Third Block 10:49-12:31 Spanish I
    Fourth Block
     Fifth Block
    Spanish II 
    Spanish I 
Last Modified on September 1, 2016