Welcome to Mrs. Sponsel’s Class

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  • Welcome to French! I'm so excited to meet everyone in my French I,  II, and III classes this year!

  • Sarah Sponsel

    Courses: French I, French II, and French III


    (234) 265-1014

  • Academic Year 2019-2020
    1st Period 8:40-9:28
    French II (JCHS)

    2nd Period 9:34-10:22
    French III (JCHS)
    3rd Period 10:28-11:16
    French I (JCHS)

    4th Period 11:22-12:58
    Plan / Travel Period

    5th Period 1:04-1:52
    Plan / Travel Period

    6th Period 1:58-2:46
    French II (CCHS)

    7th Period 2:52 3:40
    French I (CCHS)
Last Modified on August 7, 2020