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    The A+ Schools program was established as part of the Missouri Outstanding Schools Act of 1993 in order to provide incentives for local high schools to raise academic expectations, reduce their drop out rate, establish relationships with the business community, and provide better career pathways to students. The legislation requires the Jefferson City School District to establish guidelines and policies in order to administer the A+ Schools Program in a fair and consistent manner.

    Jefferson City voluntarily chooses to participate in the A+ Schools Program as a commitment to provide all students with a rigorous education that prepares them for college, post/secondary career/technical training, and a high wage job. It is the responsibility for all Jefferson City high schools to meet and maintain all A+ requirements. The Missouri State Board of Education designates A+ status based on program review.

    Eligible students graduating from an A+ high school may qualify for the student financial incentives of the A+ schools program.

    The purpose of this Web site is to provide students, parents, and staff with information about the guidelines and policies of the Jefferson City School Districts A+ Schools Program. It is the responsibility of each high school to make sure that designation is maintained. It is the responsibility of the students and parents to read, understand, and comply with the program requirements for eligibility. Please direct any additional questions concerning this program to the A+ Schools Coordinator at your high school location. 

    For more information about the Missouri A+ Program visit: https://dhewd.mo.gov/ppc/grants/aplusscholarship.php

    Or contact one of the Mo Dept. of Higher Education Financial Aid Specialists: 

    Connie Bestgen (573)751-1777, connie.bestgen@dhewd.mo.gov

    Amy Haller (573)526-7958, amy.haller@dhewd.mo.gov

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