SCHEDULE : Monday, June 5th and continue through Thursday, June 29th 

    Week One: June 5th thru June 8th (Monday thru Thursday) 

    Week Two: June 12th thru June 15th (Monday thru Thursday) 

    Week Three: June 20th thru June 23rd ( Tuesday thru Friday) 

    Week Four: June 26th thru June 29th (Monday thru Thursday) 

    LOCATION: All classes will be taught at Jefferson City High School, 609 Union Street 

    Students will have transportation provided during summer school IF BUS ELIGIBLE and a transportation Google form is submitted. Forms are located in the students graduation google classroom. 

    ATTENDANCE POLICY: Students missing six (6) hours of class per course taken WILL NOT receive credit. Tardiness counts towards absences, and will be calculated. THERE ARE NO EXCUSED ABSENCES DURING SUMMER SCHOOL. Credit for E2020-Edgenuity courses are only issued if the course is 100% complete with a passing grade-59.5% or higher. 

    QUESTIONS: For more information, contact Carrie Welch at JCHS (659-3063) or carrie.welch@jcschools.us *Notification of enrollment in the form of a letter will be mailed at the end of the second week in May. **First Student will contact you directly regarding transportation. 


    1. Complete the Summer School Google Form located in your graduation classroom to request your course(S)

    2. If Requesting Transportation, You must submit the transportation Form 

    3. The summer school schedule is composed of two blocks of time: 

    Breakfast: 7:25 am to 7:40 am Lunch 11:25 am to 11:55 am 

    Block 1: 7:40 am to 11:25 am Block 2: 11:55 am to 3:40 pm 

    4. Jefferson City High School will be participating in the Federally Funded Summer Food Service Program. Each student may have breakfast and lunch at NO CHARGE. 

    5. Only those students residing in the Jefferson City School District will be eligible to enroll in Summer School. 

    6. Those students requesting Drivers Education, please note that you can only enroll in this course due to the driving schedule. You must be 15 by the first day of summer school to be eligible for this class. There are limited spots available. Students will be notified by May 5th if they are waitlisted. Classroom instruction takes place all day long for the 1st week. Weeks two, three and four are dedicated to driving. During the first week of class, students will sign up for a two hour driving slot. Students are eligible for transportation week one. Students must provide their own transportation weeks 2-4. 

    7. Students enrolling in E2020–Credit Recovery or Enrichment Courses start one course at a time. As soon as a course is completed, an additional course can be started. The Summer School counselor will work with each student when choosing to start a second course. Each course is a .50 credit. 

    Thank you! 

    Jefferson City High School