Dear Parents/Guardians and Adult Students,

    JEFFERSON CITY HIGH SCHOOL is using an online electronic platform called Student Health Profile™, provided by PRIVIT Inc. The purpose of the Student Health Profile™ is to collect, store and update student medical information that is collected annually (and in some cases, up to four times per year). The Student Health Profile program replicates the information we routinely collect for students participating in activities at the school. Based on the same information as the current paper-based forms, The Student Health Profile™ replaces those paper forms with an online process for submitting and managing student medical information. The Student Health Profile™ is compliant with international privacy laws, including HIPPA and COPPA, ensuring your student's information is secure.

    The collection of student medical information is very important and using the Student Health Profile™ will provide the following benefits.

    1. Simplifies the process of communicating medical information

    • Complete and submit medical information from your computer, tablet or mobile device at anytime.
    • Content is automatically displayed assuring you always have the most current version.

    2. Ensures privacy and availability of the student's medical history

    • Information is securely stored based on Privit's technology at all times. 
    • Parent/guardian/adult student control access to authorized school personnel all the time.
    • Students can utilize the health profile for other activities and sports teams.

    3. Improves accessibility to student medical/history

    • Comprehensive medical information summarized for designated school officials to review (e.g., administrators and designated teachers and coaches)
    • Real time medical information available on  when necessary (e.g., in medical emergencies sidelines

    4. Streamlines the process  

    • Easier to submit information and reduces time to complete for subsequent sports and years. You will be asked to update information at various times, but will not have to continually submit new forms.

    Please remember to inform your coach and school if any pertinent medical information changes during the season.

    Follow the registration instructions to complete the Student Health Profile online. 

    You may click on the PRIVIT logo above to be taken to the PRIVIT website or click below.


    Jefferson City Public Schools PRIVIT Login/Register Page


    Online Instructions for Parents





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