Boundary Line - Address Look-Up Tool

  •  Click here to enter your family's home address and determine what elementary, middle or high school your students will attend.

    JCPS Boundary Line Address Look-Up Tool

    Please note the features/options available:

    • to switch from map and satellite views (in top left corner)
    • to switch from viewing elementary, middle and high school boundary lines using the radial buttons (in top left corner)
    • to zoom in to see street names/views (bottom right corner)


    Having trouble viewing/accessing the tool?

    If you are on a mobile device, you will have to zoom in considerably to access the search bar, which appears underneath the map legend/list of schools. It also helps if you turn your phone to the side (long-ways) and makes it easier to see the address search bar. We recognize this is less than ideal and are hoping to work with the site developer to see what we can do about the mobile optimization. In the meantime, we are able to look up the address for you if you call our office (659-3017), or if you have access to a tablet, laptop, or desktop computer you will have much better luck there.