• Infinite Campus  
    What is Infinite Campus?
    Infinite Campus is a web-based Student Information System. Information available to parents/legal guardians via the Portal includes:
    • Certain demographic information
    • A family calendar that displays attendance and assignments due for all students in the household (Note: assignments display for grade 6-12 students only)
    • An individual student calendar for each student in the household
    • A schedule of classes for each student in the household
    • Assignments and grades for each student (grades 6-12)
    • Attendance
    • Health immunization record
    • Reports (PDF format) Parent Portal

    Is student information on Infinite Campus secure?

    Information stored on the system is encrypted and uses a high-level of Internet security to safeguard system data, similar to systems used by banks and other institutions that do business on line. Campus access requires a User Name and Password, and strong password syntax is enforced. Never share your Infinite Campus password with anyone. 
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