INSTRUCTOR: Coach Lasley



     Boys Physical Education is a combination of Individual and Team Activities with emphasis on fundamentals, sportsmanship, and active participation. Activities will include but not be limited to basketball, soccer, volleyball, Ultimate football, Ultimate frisbee, Wiffle ball, speedball, archery, table tennis, badminton, golf, and pickleball.


    Week 1--------------Physical Fitness testing(3 days) Ultimate football/frisbee


    Week 4/5------------Soccer

    Week 6/7------------Pickleball

    Week 8/9------------Volleyball

    Week 10/11---------Table tennis

    Week 12/13---------Speedball

    Week 14/15---------Wiffle ball

    Week 16/17---------Basketball/Kickball

    Week 18-------------Physical Fitness testing


     PE Dress Attire

    - Each student is required to dress out every day and in appropriate gym attire. Students must wear a t-shirt that is free of any type of inappropriate advertising/words, athletic shorts or sweat pants, socks and tennis shoes. NO SHOES that leave scuff marks ON THE GYM FLOOR. Examples of clothing/footwear not acceptable for PE include: tank tops, halter tops, sperry's, moccasins, cargo pants/shorts, headbands, etc...Athletic shorts and sweatpants must be worn above hips...NO SAGGING! Jewelry is not accepted unless worn for religious reasons or is accepted by the coach. 



    - Students will be considered tardy if not in the locker room before the bell rings and if not in assigned spot when the Coach is taking attendance. Students will be asked to get a pass if this happens. 


    Rules and Policies 

    - NO FOOD will be allowed in gym

    - Students are not allowed to play in the gym unsupervised

    - Students are to remain in locker room until class is dismissed

    - Be on time and dress appropriately

    - Follow the rules of the activity, the class and the school

    - Respect other students in the class and give your best effort everyday

    - No Profanity

    - Follow instructions from Coach

    - If a problem arises, communicate with Coach



    JCPS Cell phone policy

    If students do bring cell phones and/or other electronic devices to school, they will need to be turned off during class periods and stored in their backpacks or assigned lockers. Cell phone usage is only permitted during passing times and the lunch periods. These privileges may be revoked by administration when deemed necessary. Headphones or ear buds will need to be stored securely and should not be worn during class time unless the teacher has approved an activity that requires listening on chrome books or school provided media. A student using these items without permission is subject to discipline consequences.  Refer to the Prohibited Conduct; Technology Misconduct; ‘a’ in Section VI of this planner for consequence details


    Make up assignments/ Injured students 

    - To be excused from one or more class periods, a Doctors statement must be presented. The Doctors instructions must state as to the amount of activity that is
    permitted and the duration of limitation. The Doctors instructions must also state the date in which the student can resume activity. With this the student will still be required to dress out and the Coach will structure an activity/assignment based off of students injury. 

    - Students are to report any injury to the instructor immediately when the injury

    - Students will also need to report to the instructor any physical problems that
    he/she may have prior to the class.

    - Students are responsible for getting make up assignments from Coach when he/she returns to school and will have 3 days from the date of the absence to get the make up assignment in. NO EXCEPTIONS! 

    - Students who miss class for a School Related reason will not be asked to write a make up assignment. EX: Athletes for a game, Band, Student council, FFA, Chorale, etc...



    Students will have the opportunity to receive 10 points a day if all requirements are met. There will be approximately 900 participation points possible for the Semester which is 85% of your grade. You will be expected to take Unit test at the end of a unit on schoolnet which is worth 5% of your grade. The Final exam will be worth 10% of your grade.


    Absent (without make-up work) : -10 points

    Non-dress: 1st no dress -5 pts / 2nd no dress -10 pts / 3rd no dress -20 pts

    Not in assigned seat after bell: -2 points

    Poor effort or talking during stretching: -2 points

    Poor effort or not in line during agilities : -2 points

    Not running during cardio work: -2 points

    Poor effort in activity: -3 points

    Inappropriate behavior: -2 points



                94-100=A                    84-87=B                      76-79=C                      68-71=D

                90-93=A-                    82-83=B-                     74-75=C-                    66-67=D-

                 88-89=B+                    80-81=C+                   72-73=D+                   0-65=F




Last Modified on August 16, 2019